Be Glad We Do It For You: CSS, HTML, and PHP Coding



Continuing education is a big priority for us at VIEO Design, even when it makes us miserable. Well, we’re not really miserable, but we’re sure you can understand why staring at raw web code for hours makes our eyes cross.

The newest members of our Graphic Design Department, Casey Owens and Melanie Chandler, have been undertaking advanced training for CSS, HTML, and PHP coding this week.

Says Lead Designer Paul Gibson, “We’re constantly trying to increase the abilities of our design staff, to be able to be as versatile as possible.”

These basic coding tools allow them to build the best possible websites for our clients from the ground up, and gives us more control over every element of the design process.

Even if it does make Melanie a little crazy.

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Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

Content Marketing Manager at VIEO Design
As Content Marketing Manager, Emily is responsible for creating and consulting on a wide range of compelling content designed to help our clients better connect with their customers.
Emily Winsauer


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