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Using Basecamp to Manage Website Design Projects

Post by: Katie Friedman

As a project manager, your daily schedule is often a complex juggling act with multiple projects in the air at once. You’ve got clients to assist, designers and writers to manage, and data to collect and analyze. It’s hardly surprising that you might feel like a Flying Karamazov Brother after a while (without the kilts, tutus, and charming theatrics, of course). While it’s rewarding to deliver a polished final product to happy clients, your job can also be time-consuming and overwhelming.


VIEO Grows: Candice McNamara Joins as Business Development Director

Post by: Emily Winsauer

She has only been with VIEO for a little over a month, but Candice McNamara has already become an essential part of our team.

Actually, that’s not much of a surprise; a few weeks before she started at VIEO, Candice was named “Mostly Likely to Be Your Boss in 10 Years” at the 2015 Knoxville Big Wig Awards, so we knew we were getting an up-and-comer. 


How to Write a Call-to-Action That Will Earn Clicks

Post by: Katie Friedman

Either through sterling inbound marketing strategy or pure luck, you’ve attracted visitors to your website. They’ve clicked through your content, read your blog, and finally settled on a landing page, where they’re presented with an offer. Like Indiana Jones in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, these visitors have to decide whether to pick up the golden idol.


Google Algorithm Update! Panda Now Included in Core Algorithm

Post by: Holly Yalove

Have you noticed a significant drop in your website rankings recently? Have you had the urge to curse at your SEO tools? You're not alone; many marketers have, and there is a Google algorithm update involved. Earlier this month, Google updated their core ranking algorithm to integrate 2014's Panda update more fully.


Client Spotlight: Infrasave Radiant Heaters Web Design

Post by: Melanie Chandler

When Infrasave Radiant Heaters came to us, their site wasn't performing as well as they had hoped and a website design makeover was in order. In our first meetings, we learned that they wanted their new site to be a resource for customers and distributors, with a clean, modern, attractive look that would appeal to their buyer personas.