5 Examples of Landing Page Designs that Work and Why

Think of landing pages as the pickup lines of the inbound marketing world. In both situations--whether you're at a bar or online--you're trying to convince another person to hang out with you longer by getting their contact information. Then you have more time to convince them to take the next action, whether that means agreeing to a second date or (in most cases) downloading a digital offer. Whereas there are some guys at the bar who drop … [Read more...]

Would You Click? Headline Tips for Non-Writers

In the realm of clickbait, sites like BuzzFeed reign supreme. Dedicated to providing shareable news and entertainment, these types of websites frequently use catchy headlines (like “10 Insanely Delicious Brunch Recipes That’ll Take Your Brunch Game To The Next Level”) to increase click through rates to various articles. And it works, for the most part (because brunch, obviously). By packaging interesting topics and compelling adjectives into a … [Read more...]

Client Spotlight: City of Folly Beach

The City of Folly Beach website redesign is one of the most enjoyable projects that I've ever worked on--not only because complete facelifts are always a fun challenge, but because this city is one of my favorite places to visit. (Don't even get me started on Folly Beach Crab Shack's famous dip!) Folly Beach was always an ideal family vacation spot growing up, and it even served as my honeymoon destination. I have many wonderful memories of this … [Read more...]

Are Buyer Personas the Cure for Writer’s Block?

Writing for inbound marketing is a process fraught with pitfalls. There’s the “due-in-one-hour-time-to-panic” surprise deadlines, for one. The occasional lack of useful reference material is another. Not to mention the persistent threat of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which looms over your fragile wrists like the restless ghost of Jacob Marley. More common, however – though maybe not as perilous – is the danger of falling into a rut. What many … [Read more...]

The Best (and Worst) Writing Advice I’ve Ever Received

Like many marketers of my generation, I started as a journalist. When I went to work at the newspaper, I daydreamed of being like the savvy, sarcastic reporters in my favorite old movies (His Girl Friday is far and away the best), spitting pithy one-liners and swilling scotch. The hard-boiled editor is an essential character in that fantasy, and mine was no disappointment (though also no Cary Grant). I learned a lot from him, but best of all … [Read more...]

Should You Do a Podcast for Your Business?

Podcasts have become an important source of news and entertainment for a huge number of internet users. The topics range from home brewing to theology and everything in between. Many businesses have begun producing audio podcasts as a way to reach out to their potential customers and clients – some with great success. But should you do a podcast for your business?  In this article, we'll offer some tips to help you figure out if podcasting … [Read more...]

7 Perfectly Good Words Marketers Have Murdered

In their desire to attract visitors and convert leads, many marketers just can’t resist referencing buzzwords. They love to know which terms are trending and which will (or won’t) improve click-through rates. They analyze studies and lists, and then—although they mean well enough—they proceed to use the latest phrase so generously that they saturate its meaning. The list could be endless, but I've managed to narrow it down. Check out these 7 … [Read more...]

VIEO Takes Home 4 Awards at the 2015 Knoxville Big Wigs

The results for the 2015 Big Wig Awards are in, and VIEO Design has come out on top--thanks to your help! Of our 5 nominated employees, 2 won the top honors in their categories. Ryan Ridings beat out coders from numerous local agencies to win Best Web Developer, and the trophy for Best Blogger in Knoxville went home with Emily Winsauer. Amanda Martin, nominated for Best Social Media specialist, received the Gloves Are Off Next Year … [Read more...]

Horrible Puns to Avoid in Your Halloween Marketing

It’s that time of year when the leaves start to turn, the air grows crisp, and a fine, fragrant dusting of pumpkin spice stubbornly layers over everything in sight– baked goods, lattes, parked cars, unattended children, etc. As one of the year’s most anticipated holidays, Halloween is undeniably a great time to launch new marketing material. Enveloped in no less than seven full yards of knitted wool and delirious on roasted marshmallows, you … [Read more...]

8 Practical Ways to Come Up with Killer Blog Post Ideas

  Over the past few years, I've written a number of articles about coming up with blog post ideas, but never one quite as specific or actionable as this one. When I say "killer" blog post ideas, I mean ones that combine strategy and chutzpah—exactly the kind of post that will bring in interested, engaged leads. In addition to coffee, pacing, and cursing loudly, I use several tricks to come up with ideas for blog posts that perform. … [Read more...]