How to Budget Time Each Day for Business Blogging


Between work, family, and the Earth's rotation refusing to throw us a few extra hours, business blogging may often feel like one more commitment than you can handle. On top of that, recent research suggests that to generate a meaningful boost in organic traffic, you need a minimum of 11 posts per month, making effective business blogging a substantial time commitment. However, with a few tools for balancing the blogging workload and a healthy … [Read more...]

Setting Up a Google Plus Business Page in 4 Steps [2015 Edition]

setting up a google plus business page

Sometimes it seems like Google+ gets a bad rap. Yeah, okay, I’ll admit it: Google+ can seem pretty lame, or at least superfluous, when compared to social media heavyweights like Facebook and Twitter. But look: It’s still directly tied to Google, so even as the social platform continues to change and evolve, you can bet that a decent Google+ business page will remain significant for search engine success. So it’s worth having one for your … [Read more...]

How to Write in a “Company Voice”

How to Write in a Company Voice

To be honest, the concept of a “company voice” is one that makes a lot of business owners uncomfortable. “Voice” sounds like something you’d discuss in a college literature class, not necessarily in the office. Moreover, describing the term can be a little prickly. Even as marketing professionals, we often feel like we know what it is, but struggle to put it into precise technical terms. Maybe that’s because it’s really not technical. Here’s … [Read more...]

Great Web Design Is Like Planning a Theme Park: Part 3

web design

In the first and second posts in this series, I talked about how both theme parks and websites need to appeal to multiple types of visitors and guide them to the desired content (or destination). The final step in the process takes place when they reach the main attraction—it's time for the “conversion”! Converting Your Audience At the heart of any great theme park are the attractions themselves, ranging from rides and shows to interactive … [Read more...]

PHP vs. ASP.NET: What Do You Need to Know?

php vs.

One of our pet missions here at VIEO Design is translating excessively technical language—geek speak, if you will—into something more helpful and accessible for the average business owner or marketing director. Sometimes, though, you just can't keep the technical terms from creeping in. For instance, if you pay much attention to website URLs, you may have noticed that some websites have PHP somewhere in their address, and others include … [Read more...]

Killing It on Instagram for Your Business

Killing It on Instagram for Your Business

Whether I’m looking for a cool new knitting pattern or my next Alex and Ani bracelet (obsessed!), chances are that I’m getting my inspiration from Instagram—and with good reason. Now boasting over 2,100 posts uploaded per second, Instagram has rapidly become an exciting tool for inbound marketing. Not only does it create a naturally awesome user experience through appealing images (think Pinterest), but it also connects users to an almost … [Read more...]

How Content Marketing Drives Sales for Your Sales Team

content marketing

Content marketing can be used to educate, solve problems, and even influence the sales process. In the buyer's journey, a prospect arrives at your website in one of the following stages: Awareness, Consideration, or Decision. An easy way to visualize this process is to imagine buying a car—something we can all relate to! Picture the various people who walk onto a car lot. Not all of them are ready to buy. A prospective buyer is sparked to … [Read more...]

Clickbait: Just Wait Till You See How It Affects Your Audience!


We’ve all done it. You're absentmindedly scrolling through Facebook during the mid-afternoon slump when you suddenly stumble upon an article titled “She Tried to Wrestle an Alligator and You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!” You get a strange, uncontrollable urge in your index finger to click the link and see exactly what that crazy lady was up to. After spending a disappointing minute-and-a-half reading about a zoologist taking a blood … [Read more...]

UI Design Issues to Catch Before Your Site Goes Live

UI Design Issues to Fix Before Your Site Goes Live

The web can be a treacherous place for consumers in search of fresh, insightful content. The Internet is littered with websites bloated by poor architecture, sluggish load times, and stale design better left to the ‘90s along with cast-off pagers and the bristly ghost of George Clooney’s man-bangs. In a hyper-competitive marketplace, it isn’t enough to simply have a web or social media presence. To drive your brand (and traffic), both must be … [Read more...]

Facebook Business Pages: Having Trouble Inviting Friends to Like Your Page?

Inviting Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

Note: A version of this post was originally published on 9/5/12 and has been updated several times to keep up with changes to Facebook. If this post does not answer your question, you can also check out "Facebook Business Pages:  How to Invite Friends to Like Your Page" and "How to Invite Friends to Like a Page on Facebook: 2014 Update." As we’ve already noted, inviting your friends to hit like on your company Facebook page is one of the best … [Read more...]