3 Ways to Build Your Email List for Free

3 Ways to Build Your Email List for Free

Well, I just received an email list to start a promotion and guess what—only 20 addresses. And I'm not even sure if they're still good. If you're starting from scratch, building an email list can seem like an impossible task. Plus, there really isn't a quick way to fill your lists.  Building your email list doesn't have to be a large, elaborate process. Start small by adding a simple one line form on your website that people can fill out. … [Read more...]

What Is INBOUND15?

Inbound Conference 2015

Some excited VIEOans are gearing up and heading to Boston this September for INBOUND15. If you haven't heard about it, imagine this—a room with over 10,000 inspired marketers from every industry, over 170 educational sessions, five of the baddest keynote speakers in the game, comedians, and a lot of happy hours. Sounds amazing, right? Well, that’s INBOUND15. And we don’t want you to miss out this year, so we’re passing on an affiliate code … [Read more...]

How to Add More Text on Snapchat (Yes, Multiple Lines!)

How to Add More Text on Snapchat

Sometimes, a writer has the honor and responsibility to cover an important development in politics, economics, social welfare, or the environment... but this is not one of those times. Today, I'm going to show you how to add more text on Snapchat. Multiple lines are possible, people! Rejoice! It's actually very simple. Here's how to add more text to your snaps: First, open Snapchat and take the photo or video you want to use. Next, … [Read more...]

How to Unsend Emails in Gmail

unsend emails in gmail

After six years in beta, you can now unsend emails in Gmail. But don't start your happy dance just yet--as of right now, this feature is only available for personal Gmail accounts in desktop view. But, hey, no more regrets after sending an email you probably should have reconsidered! Let me paint you a picture. Say you're at home drinking wine, beer, or the liquor of your choice and you decide to email your ex. Because you're an emotional … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Searching: Insights for Keyword Research


Years ago (I won't tell you how many) when I was in college, I chose to major in psychology and minor in art. My grand plan was to be an art therapist, but that idea was scrapped shortly after graduation. I'm still thankful for that psychology degree though, and I use it every day in marketing. Strategic online marketing requires analyzing visitor behavior and uncovering the psychology behind it. The psychology of searching is a topic I find … [Read more...]

Want $574 off INBOUND15 tickets? (We know you do!)

Inbound Conference 2015

Because we're a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner (that's right, we're meeting our bragging quota early today), VIEO Design gets to pass on a little something to our friends--an affiliate code for a $574 discount on an all-access pass to INBOUND15, valid through July 31st. We'll be attending INBOUND15 too, so you'll not only get access to the huge range or resources at the conference, but you can talk through ideas, strategies, and tactics for your … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be Using Snapchat for Your Business

snapchat for business

Lately, there have been a few “new” things happening on the social media front line that have gotten a lot of attention--Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope, and Dubsmash, to name a few. Some of these have been around a while and are just starting to pick up traction. The little ghost that could, Snapchat has been around since September of 2011. Gary Vaynerchuk, the evangelist preacher of the social media realm, has been spreading the word about … [Read more...]

Great Web Design Is Like Planning a Theme Park: Part 2

great web design

In the first post in this series, I talked about how great web design and theme parks both need to appeal to multiple types of visitors at the same time. Once you make your visitors comfortable, the next step is guiding them to where you need them to go. Leading Your Audience to the Right Destination Theme parks have some major hurdles when it comes to managing the flow of visitors. First, they have to make it easy for visitors to get to the … [Read more...]

Can Traditional and Digital PR Work Together?

Traditional and Digital PR

If you’re anything like me, you still get a kick out of funny Chick-fil-A billboards or outlandish Super Bowl commercials. After all, any good marketer knows that traditional PR isn't extinct—it’s just reinventing itself. Traditional PR is all about influencing public perception through print media, flashy launch events, radio and TV spots, etc. With the emergence of digital PR, online platforms have become every bit as important. Digital … [Read more...]

Is HubSpot Worth the Money? It Depends.

Is HubSpot worth the money

In case you're coming to this post with only a vague idea of what HubSpot is and how it works, here's a quick definition: HubSpot is a marketing software designed for businesses that want to implement the inbound marketing methodology and track their results across all their efforts. In fact, the term "inbound marketing" was coined by one of HubSpot's founders, Brian Halligan. Inbound marketing draws people in through search engines, website … [Read more...]