So You Want to Influence an Influencer: Thought Leadership Strategy

Influencing Thought Leaders in Your Industry

Invariably, as we get serious about blogging and social media networking to promote our businesses, we find ourselves saying, “if only I could get [insert an important person’s name here]’s attention, I could make some real progress!” I, for example, have always believed that if I could just get Keith Richards to hear me play and sing a few of my songs, he’d totally ditch Mick to form a band with me. Totally! We’ve all got those “if only” … [Read more...]

Explaining Social Media for the Skeptical, Confused, and Clueless

Don't Understand Social Media?

“Social media? I just don’t get it."  It’s surprising how often I hear that when I tell people what I do. So rather than write about a bunch of stats for optimal engagement times, charts of re-tweet conversions, or other high-level info, I decided to get back to the basics for those of us who just don’t get social media, but really want to! The Basics: Most of the people who tell me they don’t understand simply haven’t tried using social media. … [Read more...]

Epic HubSpot Partner Review of VIEO Design (Thanks, Guys!)

Hubspot Reviews VIEO

Here at VIEO, we're not really afflicted with false modesty, so when we received this amazing review from HubSpot's Sarah Posnak, one of our favorite people to work with, we just wanted to shout it to the rooftops! Posting it on our blog is going to have to be close enough. "VIEO Design is an outlier that achieved HubSpot Partner Silver Status in record time. Aside from being my favorite personalities to work with, there is a fundamental … [Read more...]

How VIEO Got Inbounded and Became a Silver HubSpot Partner Agency


VIEO Design is excited to announce that we recently achieved Silver Tier status in HubSpot's Partner Program and we couldn't be more proud! What does Silver Tier mean? What is a HubSpot partner? Read on, my friend, and I'll tell you all about it! How I Was "Inbounded" and Fell in Love with HubSpot But first, let's go back in time to 2007, when I first discovered HubSpot. I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, and had just left the corporate world to … [Read more...]

We Love the Genesis Framework for WordPress – Here’s Why.


I love the Genesis framework! There, I said it. When we first started using Genesis, I didn’t feel that way. But once I took the time to understand the philosophy behind Genesis and began using the multitude of tools available for Genesis development, it became something that I look forward to using. So what is Genesis? Genesis is a framework for designing WordPress websites. Think of it as a “theme - on steroids!” A normal WordPress theme … [Read more...]

What Should A Website Cost?

Free Puppy with Website

Okay, so we aren't really going to give you a free puppy. In observance of April Fool's Day, I wanted to poke fun at some of the ludicrous promotional offers I see every day on the web. But, in all seriousness, I do often run into prospective website design clients who are trying to compare promotions from several competing agencies and what these agencies include in the price of a website. If you are considering several website design firms, … [Read more...]

SEO Psychology: 5 Must-Know Principles of Lovable Content Creation

SEO Psychology

It’s very old news that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer about gaming the search engines to get better search engine results page rankings. Rather, SEO is the practice of giving search engine users what they want in such a compelling and diversified way that the search engines can’t help but deliver your results instead of your competition’s - in essence, we're all practicing SEO psychology. Today, SEO is the science of … [Read more...]

VIEO Design Inbound Marketing Project Manager Job Available

VIEO Wants You!

Have you ever read one of our blog posts and thought, "Those VIEO folks seem like fun... I wish I could work there!" Well, friend - your day has come. VIEO Design, an award-winning digital creative agency, is seeking an energetic and personable Inbound Marketing Project Manager to manage Inbound Marketing campaigns and website design projects. If you have mad social media, Internet marketing, and project management skills, We Want YOU! … [Read more...]

Web Design Terms for the Uninitiated

If you don't have a background in web design and development, some of the web design terms

Working with an agency to create a website for your business can be intimidating, but we do everything we can to help our clients every step of the way. If you don't have a background in web design and development, some of the web design terms you may hear during the website process can seem like a foreign language, but we don’t want you reaching for a dictionary or attempting to turn on the subtitles. Before your design consultation, you … [Read more...]

VIEO’s Maria Talley Moves On to New Adventures!

Goodbye, Maria Talley!

The VIEO Design team is feeling bittersweet as we say goodbye and offer our best wishes to our good friend and former Internet Marketing Project Manager Maria Talley. Maria is now pursuing a new career opportunity with Radio Systems (the parent company of PetSafe) as an Internet Marketing Specialist. We're excited for her that she gets to focus her considerable skills solely on digital marketing and social media, and we know that her … [Read more...]