[Free Guide] Inbound Marketing Master Class: Creating a Buyer Persona

Creating a Buyer Persona

Creating a buyer persona is absolutely essential to effective inbound marketing, and it's the key to getting the ROI you want from your marketing efforts. That’s why we created our new Inbound Marketing Master Class: Crafting Effective Buyer Personas—to give you a thorough, practical guide to creating buyer personas. There’s no shortcut to thoughtful, data-driven buyer personas, but that's exactly what you need to get real results. Our … [Read more...]

When Is It Time to Redesign Your Logo?

Redesign Your Logo

A logo redesign is a good way to reinvent a brand, but it's also a risky move, because branding changes can alienate consumers as well as attract new ones. If you try to keep up with the current trends, you could find yourself in the same situation clothing retailer Gap did in 2010, when a logo redesign led to negative comments from customers and industry analysts alike. So, how do you determine when it's time to redesign your logo? Keep … [Read more...]

3 Common Mistakes People in Content Marketing Make

Content Marketing Mistakes

In content marketing, we don’t have anyone to kiss our boo-boos so we’ll feel better when we make mistakes. Instead, we learn from our results in key marketing metrics. On the plus side, we can use these metrics to figure out what our readers best respond to. As a content marketer by day and actress by night (okay, actually just when I get booked. I just wanted to sound cool), I've noticed that the two fields are pretty similar. I made lots … [Read more...]

8 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time (and Frustration)

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

A couple of years ago, our entire office switched from Windows to Mac computers... cold turkey. Sure, pretty much everybody uses Macs in the website design industry, but that doesn't mean it's an easy transition. While we really enjoyed the new Mac OS and the sleek hardware, years and years of working on Windows left me missing out on some of the keyboard shortcuts I had hard-coded into my brain. I was hooked on Apple products but frustrated … [Read more...]

Cheers to Inbound Marketing: Knoxville’s First HUG Meetup [Event]

Knoxville Hubspot User Group Meetup

What are you doing on Tuesday, March 3rd? If you don’t like your answer, come join VIEO Design and other Knoxville business owners and marketing professionals at the Casual Pint in Hardin Valley for our first HubSpot User Group Meetup! We’re calling the event “Cheers to Inbound Marketing,” and what better place to hold it than at a craft beer market? From 5:30–8 pm, join us for food, drink, networking, prize drawings, and a little inbound … [Read more...]

Our 5 Favorite Online Subscription Services for 2015

Favorite Online Subscription Services

  Online subscriptions services are all the rage, and nearly everyone in our office subscribes to at least one. The range of things we get is pretty astounding—everything from food to clothes, beauty products, and toys. Whether you subscribe to save time or just enjoy sampling new products, it's hard to deny the appeal of a box of goodies in your mailbox. This type of product delivery isn't just a trend, though. It reflects larger … [Read more...]

Are You Forgetting Your Buyer Personas in Your A/B Testing?

A/B Testing with Buyer Personas

Over the last few years, I’ve developed a new hobby… email subject lines (not quite as fun as my other hobby, mountain biking). It’s strange, I know, but I’m really interested in the psychology of what catches people's eyes and why. After taking over inbound marketing for a particularly email-heavy client, I have been reading anything and everything about subject lines, open rates, and email marketing best practices. I am bound and determined … [Read more...]

How Making Your Website Mobile Friendly Helps SEO


You probably already know how important it is to make your website mobile friendly for a better user experience, but did you know that having a mobile-friendly website may help your SEO? Recent activity from Google indicates that an algorithm change could be coming soon. It is no wonder that Google cares about mobile; Internet usage on mobile devices made history when it exceeded PC usage in early 2014. Google’s Penalty for Bad Mobile … [Read more...]

6 More Pieces of Twitter News You Can Use

6 More Pieces of Twitter News You Can Use

Twitter hasn’t exactly been known for releasing lots of product and feature updates—quite the opposite, in fact. But over the last few months, they’ve been rolling out new strategies designed to increase user engagement and profitability. The “conscious recoupling” of Twitter and Google was just the first piece of big Twitter news; here are 6 more you need to be aware of! 1. Tweet Activity in Mobile App The Tweet Activity Dashboard … [Read more...]

Is the User Sitemap Dead?

Is the User Sitemap Dead

The other day, Rob Spurlock and I were talking, and an interesting question came up: “Is the user sitemap dead?” We talked about the weaknesses of traditional sitemaps and whether they could be adapted to today's more dynamic and complex website designs. After that conversation, I did a little research and reached a surprising conclusion—one that I want to pass on to you. What Is a User Sitemap? There are two different types of sitemaps: … [Read more...]