When Is It Time to Hire a Full-Time Social Media Manager?

It wasn’t all that long ago when businesses were first dipping their toes in the waters of social spaces like Facebook and Twitter. In the beginning, many marketers learned to use social media in between other job functions. Maybe they read books or articles online, attended seminars, or asked colleagues for advice. But back then, even the notion of hiring a full-time social media manager seemed like nothing short of paying someone to play on the … [Read more...]

Posting the Same Content on Facebook and Twitter: Good or Bad?

You’ve probably heard about social media automation. The basic idea is that you can write 10 Facebook posts, schedule them all to be published at different points over the span of a week, and then sit back and relax. (Well, maybe not exactly—you still need to be strategizing, responding to fans, and engaging.) Still, when it comes to the grunt work of posting social media updates, automation software can add tremendous ease. But some of the … [Read more...]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Nick Sal at the Next HUG Meetup!

It's going down in K-Town! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 13th from 5:30-8:00 PM and join us at Club LeConte for our fourth quarter Knoxville HubSpot User Group (HUG) Meetup. We’re calling the event, “Marketing Database Strategies: Build, Optimize, and Accelerate Growth.” And get ready because this will be the biggest HUG meetup yet! We’re having guest speaker Nick Salvatoriello (a.k.a Nick Sal) come all the way from Boston. Nick … [Read more...]

VIEO Grows: Meet Rachel Vaughn and Katie Friedman

It's true. VIEO Design has been invaded. Where empty desks were once moldering, new MacBooks now sit humming away. Previously-vacant shelves now contain cheeseburger phones, bobbleheads, and framed photos. And while we’re delighted to welcome these mysterious interlopers into our office, we're somewhat less excited about their idea for an office holiday photo shoot involving peregrine falcons—just kidding! We’re delighted to introduce our newest … [Read more...]

How to Beat Competition with Larger Marketing Budgets

Allow me to open this post by stating the obvious: For small to mid-sized businesses, competing with large companies (and large marketing budgets) can be tough. You may have the world’s finest products, but when Amazon is known for shipping them faster and Walmart is known for stocking more of them at a lower price, it’s hard to gain even a modicum of attention—much less a competitive share of the marketplace. So, should you just concede to … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Writing for a Local Audience on the Web

We all know that it’s better to appeal to a specific audience (let’s say, 40-something homeowners with kids in Knoxville who like action movies starring Tom Cruise) than to market broadly to everyone. Still, identifying with your local scene in a positive way can be tough, especially if you’re new in town. By localizing and leveraging content, many businesses can tap into local audiences to attract even more prospects. Obviously, some … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Mobile App or a Responsive Website?

Think for a moment about how much you use your mobile device—how often you whip out your phone to Google something, check the weather, shoot a quick email, browse Facebook, or pass time making fowl puns over a favorite game (here’s to you, Crossy Road). In fact, go through your day and think about just how much attention your mobile device actually receives, on average. And once you’ve thought about that, consider this: mobile devices have … [Read more...]

6 Fonts You Should Never Use On Your Website

  A website, much like a résumé, is intended to reflect your best self. Color schemes, crisp images, and user interface design are all integral to a successful website—as are font choices. All these choices together let visitors know how serious and effective you are as a business. Poor design with a horrible font will certainly turn business away. For fonts, the goal is to be compatible for all devices, legible, and modern. Check out my list … [Read more...]

Editing Resources to Keep Your Content Sharp

Have you ever written an article or blog post, looked back on a sentence, and felt like something was just wrong with it? Maybe you played a round of “Is it actually wrong, or have I just been looking at it too long?” If you’re anything like me, you probably couldn’t decide if was just your imagination, or if you really made a grammatical error. (Who can keep all those rules straight anyway?) In fact, maybe you considered doing a double … [Read more...]

Our 5 Favorite HubSpot Features Rolled Out at INBOUND15

Around 10,000 excited marketers gathered in Boston this week for entertainment, networking, over 170 educational sessions, and big announcements. Last year, HubSpot announced their new CRM platform, the powerful email app Sidekick with real-time notifications, and the HubSpot editorial calendar. This afternoon, attendees were in for a treat as HubSpot launched this year’s new features that redefine inbound marketing. These features will help … [Read more...]