VIEO Grows: Candice McNamara Joins as Business Development Director

She has only been with VIEO for a little over a month, but Candice McNamara has already become an essential part of our team. Actually, that’s not much of a surprise; a few weeks before she started at VIEO, Candice was named “Mostly Likely to Be Your Boss in 10 Years” at the 2015 Knoxville Big Wig Awards, so we knew we were getting an up-and-comer. As VIEO’s business development director, Candice has been working with current and potential … [Read more...]

How to Write a Call-to-Action That Will Earn Clicks

Either through sterling inbound marketing strategy or pure luck, you’ve attracted visitors to your website. They’ve clicked through your content, read your blog, and finally settled on a landing page, where they’re presented with an offer. Like Indiana Jones in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, these visitors have to decide whether to pick up the golden idol. A call-to-action involves far less boulder-dodging than that hidden temple, but you get … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Update! Panda Now Included in Core Algorithm

Have you noticed a significant drop in your website rankings recently? Have you had the urge to curse at your SEO tools? You're not alone; many marketers have, and there is a Google algorithm update involved. Earlier this month, Google updated their core ranking algorithm to integrate 2014's Panda update more fully. Although Google is constantly changing their search algorithm, this particular update sparked much buzz in the SEO community. … [Read more...]

Client Spotlight: Infrasave Radiant Heaters Web Design

When Infrasave Radiant Heaters came to us, their site wasn't performing as well as they had hoped and a website design makeover was in order. In our first meetings, we learned that they wanted their new site to be a resource for customers and distributors, with a clean, modern, attractive look that would appeal to their buyer personas. Let's talk functionality. The goal was to take a normal website and turn it into a resource hub. To achieve … [Read more...]

Landing Page Best Practices: When to Use Smart Content

According to a study conducted by Econsultancy and Monetate, 94% of businesses believe that personalization is the key to their success. That shouldn't be a surprise to an inbound marketer; in general, our experience shows that people respond best to marketing that's tailored to them and their interests. See, potential customers don't like outbound marketing strategies like cold calling, telemarketing, and purchased email lists that clog … [Read more...]

5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

It’s a new year and while some have committed to a few shaky resolutions to enhance their lives (Jazzercise more, spend quality time with family, learn a Star Trek language), the beginning of 2016 offers the opportunity to be a better blogger as well. Now is the perfect time to assess how last year’s blogging efforts can be improved and take measures to avoid some common pitfalls that make your posts less likely to be read and shared. Here … [Read more...]

How to Integrate HubSpot with Call Tracking

If you use call tracking as part of your marketing efforts (and you should!), then you'll want to make sure your call tracking system is fully integrated with your CRM so you can capture your call tracking leads and nurture them right along with your other inbound marketing contacts. If you're a HubSpot customer, you can integrate your call tracking using Call Tracking Metrics. After you integrate the two systems, a new contact is created for … [Read more...]

The Worst Social Media Blunders Sales People Make

In your personal life, knowing when and how to use social media probably seems relatively straightforward. When you want to tell your family and friends about your new promotion, you update your Facebook status. When you try a caramel brulée latte for the first (or 100th) time, you tweet @Starbucks to express your delight. And when your child opens a highly anticipated present on Christmas morning, you snap a photo, add a filter, and post it to … [Read more...]

VIEO’s Holly Yalove Featured in Cityview Magazine

If you find yourself flipping through a copy of the January/February 2016 edition of Cityview, you may see a familiar face—VIEO's chief marketing officer, Holly Yalove! Holly was featured in "Movers & Shakers: East Tennessee Entrepreneurs 2016" alongside Cathy Ackermann of Ackermann PR, Mary Beth West of Mary Beth West Communications, Susan Shelton of Shelton Group, Kelly Fletcher of Fletcher PR, and Cynthia Moxley of Moxley … [Read more...]

Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2015, Condensed!

Our office is taking some time off for the holidays to spend time with our friends and family, so we can hit 2016 relaxed, refreshed, and ready for more inbound marketing puns. But in true seasonal form, we’ve allowed our love of eggnog and novelty knitwear to inspire a bit of retrospection. This was a great year not just for us at VIEO, but for social media engagement, web design, and—we assume—for Leonardo DiCaprio (apart from missing out on … [Read more...]