The Best Apps to Schedule Posts on Instagram

Schedule Instagram Posts

Instagram recently announced that there are now over 300 million users sharing over 70 million photos and videos a day on Instagram. That's a lot of costumed pets and fancy desserts! So, if Instagram isn't already part of your social media marketing, you should reconsider. The number of companies joining Instagram is growing rapidly, because it makes it easy for businesses to share their company stories and brand identities through visual … [Read more...]

Facebook Changes in 2015: The “Overly Promotional” Penalty

Facebook Changes 2015

Planned for January 2015, Facebook's latest round of News Feed changes will make organic Facebook marketing even harder. According to Facebook's recent announcement, the 2015 News Feed algorithm changes will reduce the number of promotional posts users see. Paid ads won't be affected (of course!) but organic reach for business Pages will be significantly reduced if they're posting content deemed overly promotional. The announcement … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Tips and Tricks We Use Every Day

4 Graphic Design Tips You Can Use Right Now

As a graphic designer, I'm constantly looking for different graphic design tips and tricks to improve my processes, better my designs, and save time. Some of the most useful tips aren't anything fancy, but just help you improve essential elements of your designs. Along those lines, here are a few basic tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis. Graphic Design Tip #1: Choose a Font Palette When you're starting a design, you need to pick … [Read more...]

Why Corporate Websites Are Like Getting Socks for Christmas

Corporate web design is like getting socks for christmas

Nothing beats the joy of waking up on Christmas morning and running to the Christmas tree to see what Saint Nick has brought you. And nothing can suck that joy away faster than picking up a soft, crinkly, poorly wrapped cylindrical package with your name on it. Socks. Santa hates you. It’s like he didn’t want to bother going to get the coal, so he just grabbed socks instead. But you know what? Socks can be cool! (Just ask Craig Ferguson). … [Read more...]

Wistia vs. YouTube: What’s the Difference?

Wistia vs YouTube

As an online marketing firm, we spend a lot of time reviewing analytics. Numbers help us decide whether certain efforts are worth our time. Because I'm in charge of VIEO's video marketing efforts, I'm particularly interested in tools that help me share and track our videos. That's why I was tasked with determining the biggest differences between Wistia and YouTube, two of the most popular video hosting sites. So let’s jump right in, or should … [Read more...]

4 Simple Ways to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

Does staring at a blank page with a blinking cursor drive you crazy? It does for me, and I know I’m not alone. It can be really hard to come up with enough blog post ideas to keep your content fresh. As one of VIEO’s Content Marketers, I’ve learned a few tricks about blogging. If you’re having a hard time coming up with good blog topics—you’ll want to keep reading. Blogging is important for your company because it brings people to your … [Read more...]

How to Create a Drop Down Menu that Improves User Experience

How to Create a Drop Down Menu that Improves User Experience

Many folks working in website design, especially those who specialize in user experience (UX) or user interface (UI), have proclaimed that drop-down menus are bad, and designers shouldn't use them. And it's true that studies have shown that a drop down menu can negatively impact a visitor's experience - but many of those studies tested not just any drop-down menu, but a bad use case like a 50 state drop-down list in a form. Scrolling through … [Read more...]

7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Next SlideShare Presentation

Passionate Ideas Convert

If you haven’t heard of SlideShare, it's time to jump on the bandwagon. It’s the YouTube of slide presentations, or "decks," and the site gets tons of monthly visitors - around 60 million! So how does it work? Well, the site converts your SlideShare presentation into an embeddable code that you can put pretty much anywhere. SlideShare makes it easy to embed your presentation directly onto your website or blog, or share it to LinkedIn, … [Read more...]

Average Email Open Rates: Your Goals for 2015

Email Open Rates

It’s not rocket science - if customers don’t open your email, you can’t promote your services or sell your products. Before you hit the send button, you carefully craft your subject line to attract customers and optimize everything you can think of. Pretty soon, you can see the fruits of your labor – the data about your email’s performance. But that data isn’t always easy to interpret. Say your email has a 20% open rate - is this awesome, … [Read more...]

The Secret Sauce for a Good Logo Design

The Recipe for a Good Logo Design

With the crazy amount of logos out there in the world, it’s a challenge to be different and original. But just being unique isn’t enough; a good logo design has a little something special, a “secret sauce” that makes it memorable. A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, simple, and conveys the intended message. Simply, a logo is there to identify. So what are the ingredients to the secret sauce of good logo design? Try equal … [Read more...]