Redesign Your Website Without Losing SEO “Street Cred”

Redesign Your Website Without Losing SEO

Are you in the middle of a website redesign and worried about losing the SEO value you worked so hard for? The average company starts a website redesign project every two years, so you probably feel like you just recovered from the last one. Hey, we can relate--we're in the middle of a redesign ourselves. You're right to be concerned about SEO impacts of your redesign, since a website redesign done wrong can mean the loss of hard-earned Google … [Read more...]

How Inbound Marketing Increases Website Conversion Rates

How Inbound Marketing Increases Website Conversion Rate

As the person who frequently meets with marketing directors, I see firsthand the long “to do” list they're tasked with. It may include marketing strategy, SEO, trade show materials, or billboard creative, but their biggest challenge usually circles back to needing more qualified, engaged website visitors to buy their products and services. Often, the best way to achieve this is to focus on your website and make sure it's optimized for … [Read more...]

4 Common Pitfalls That Stall the Website Redesign Process

website redesign process

As VIEO's website project manager, I deal with things that stall the website redesign process on a daily basis. These pitfalls are different for each project, but certain issues do seem to arise more often and cause bigger delays--but the good news is that most of these are things that the client can control. If you're undergoing a website redesign, you can take steps to prevent problems and start benefiting from your new website more quickly. … [Read more...]

Lower Your Website Bounce Rate with Responsive Design

Lower Your Website Bounce Rate with Responsive Design

In the world of Internet marketing, a high website bounce rate is considered a mortal blow. It's definitely a warning sign that something is wrong with your website or marketing strategy. If you want to capture more leads, bounce rate is a metric you can't afford to ignore. Technically, website bounce rate measures the percentage of people who visit your site and leave after viewing only one page. In most cases, this means that they land on … [Read more...]

How to Write a Services Page That Converts Visitors into Leads

Write Services Page

If you found this post by Googling something like “how to write a services page,” I bet you scrolled past a dozen articles lumping products and services together. Yep, I saw them too. While there is a great deal of overlap in writing about products and services, there are some important differences that affect how and what you should write if you’re promoting a service-driven business. Services present different conversion challenges than … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Shout-Out: Meet VIEO’s Marketing Moms

Mother's Day 2015

In 2005, I made the difficult choice to leave the corporate world to be a stay-at-home-mom. I'm one of those "give 110%" people, so I knew that balancing work and my new baby would be tough for me. After much discussion with the hubby, I put my career on hold to give my 110% to my daughter. I wouldn't change those years for the world, but a lot has changed since then. I had baby #2 in 2006, and in 2009 I went back to work full time. Several … [Read more...]

Developing an Online Marketing Strategy for a New Product

Marketing Strategy for New Product

It’s official… your company has been given the green light on that new widget. As the Digital Marketing Director, it's your job to make sure the world knows about it. But where do your start building a marketing strategy for a new product? Obviously, the sooner you start planning the better--getting your ducks in a row takes time. Knowing which ducks to line up, and which order they need to be in, takes even more. First Steps Before you do … [Read more...]

Balancing the Elements of Web Design with User Experience

Elements of Web Design and User Experience

A beautiful website isn't worth much if it's not functional for the user. After all, you're not building it for yourself, you're building it for potential customers. At the end of the day, your website should revolve around the needs and wants of your buyer persona, not your own. But there are ways to include the elements of web design you want without sacrificing the user experience. Start by Planning the Layout As humans, we're creatures of … [Read more...]

The Amazon Dash Button: Flashy Mascot of a Changing Economy

Amazon Dash Button

Whenever a shiny new Internet-connected device is released, the attention is largely focused on how the user interface functions: What if my toddler hits the Amazon Dash button 500 times? Who wants hundreds of gaudy buttons stuck all over the house? Of course, those are pertinent questions. But I can’t help but feel that a lot of people are missing the point. Regardless of whether the delivery method succeeds or fails, it’s the underlying … [Read more...]

Popular Web Design Features: Event Calendar for Websites

Web Design Feature Events Calendar

One of the most common web design features our clients ask for is an easy way to include event calendars on their websites. There are a several great plugins available to WordPress users that make it a breeze to add and manage an events calendar. There are some features that are available in almost every event calendar plugin out there, but if you have specific needs, it's best to do some research in advance about which features are available … [Read more...]