Don’t Let Negative SEO Sabotage Your Website

Negative SEO

Could it be true? Not only do you have to worry about SEO to increase your site rank, there's something called negative SEO which can decrease your rank? Unfortunately, negative SEO is real. Worse yet, it's something a savvy competitor could be doing to your website right now. Interest in negative SEO is on the rise, and even Forbes is weighing in. If you're wondering what it is, what signs to look for, and what to do about it, I'm here to … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Hashtags to Amplify Your Social Posts

best hashtags to amplify social posts

Using hashtags can expand the reach of your social posts to anyone interested in that hashtag, phrase, or keyword. Not sure how hashtags work? Get a crash course with our post on #HashtagTips. Hashtags can increase followers and likes, but using them correctly is the key to getting results. So, how do you find the best hashtags to amplify your posts? You can use popular hashtags or jump on the trending bandwagon, but if those hashtags don't … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stay Inspired in Content Marketing

Inspired Content Marketing

Woosah. Sound familiar? It can be pretty frustrating to be a content marketer. When I’m having a hard time finding inspiration or have moved into full-on writer's block, I need to find my happy place and just relax for a minute. The popularity of content marketing has skyrocketed over the past few years and is now the most powerful way to market, but producing content that will get noticed is tricky. As writers, we naturally doubt our … [Read more...]

19 Words That Decrease Headline Click Through Rate

Words that Decrease Headline Click Through Rates

Last week, a friend and fellow content marketer sent me an email that caused me to go into our blog archive and change the titles of 56 of our blog posts. That’s right: 56 of them. It took me a while. The email contained a new ebook from Outbrain and HubSpot called Data Driven Strategies for Writing Effective Titles & Headlines. As it turns out, a lot of the things that were considered best practices for blog titles as recently as last … [Read more...]

Why Gary Vaynerchuk Is Focusing on Instagram in 2015

Gary Vee Instagram

Marketing in 2015 is different than it was even a few short years ago. Social networking is now fully integrated into our lives, and some people don’t know how to live without it (mostly people under 25). My Twitter account will be 8 years old in October, my Facebook is almost 11, and my MySpace was started in 2003 (though I wouldn’t say I’m exactly a daily user). Facebook is only a year younger than my daughter, who is an avid user of both … [Read more...]

VIEO Produces More ADDY Award Winning Web Design in 2014

VIEO Produces More ADDY Award Winning Web Design

On February 28th, 2015, the Knoxville AAF recognized work done in 2014 by Knoxville's advertising and marketing agencies at the annual American Advertising Awards. Once again, VIEO Design walked away with a number of the shiny web design awards we love so much. This year’s gala marked the 50th anniversary of the American Advertising Awards, formerly known as the ADDYs (the awards themselves are still known by that name). The theme of the … [Read more...]

[Free Guide] Inbound Marketing Master Class: Creating a Buyer Persona

Creating a Buyer Persona

Creating a buyer persona is absolutely essential to effective inbound marketing, and it's the key to getting the ROI you want from your marketing efforts. That’s why we created our new Inbound Marketing Master Class: Crafting Effective Buyer Personas—to give you a thorough, practical guide to creating buyer personas. There’s no shortcut to thoughtful, data-driven buyer personas, but that's exactly what you need to get real results. Our … [Read more...]

When Is It Time to Redesign Your Logo?

Redesign Your Logo

A logo redesign is a good way to reinvent a brand, but it's also a risky move, because branding changes can alienate consumers as well as attract new ones. If you try to keep up with the current trends, you could find yourself in the same situation clothing retailer Gap did in 2010, when a logo redesign led to negative comments from customers and industry analysts alike. So, how do you determine when it's time to redesign your logo? Keep … [Read more...]

3 Common Mistakes People in Content Marketing Make

Content Marketing Mistakes

In content marketing, we don’t have anyone to kiss our boo-boos so we’ll feel better when we make mistakes. Instead, we learn from our results in key marketing metrics. On the plus side, we can use these metrics to figure out what our readers best respond to. As a content marketer by day and actress by night (okay, actually just when I get booked. I just wanted to sound cool), I've noticed that the two fields are pretty similar. I made lots … [Read more...]

8 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time (and Frustration)

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

A couple of years ago, our entire office switched from Windows to Mac computers... cold turkey. Sure, pretty much everybody uses Macs in the website design industry, but that doesn't mean it's an easy transition. While we really enjoyed the new Mac OS and the sleek hardware, years and years of working on Windows left me missing out on some of the keyboard shortcuts I had hard-coded into my brain. I was hooked on Apple products but frustrated … [Read more...]