Custom WordPress CMS Websites


What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System.  If you have a website powered by a CMS, you will have full control of your website content. VIEO Design offers custom designed WordPress CMS websites as well as custom designed HubSpot COS websites.

Using a content management system makes your website more usable.  Most content management systems (CMS for short) such as WordPress are Open Source and cost the end user nothing for the license to use the software. Other content management systems like HubSpot’s COS (Content Optimization System), are proprietary and include robust closed-loop marketing features such as the ability to dynamically display different content to different website visitors.

VIEO Design does not sell WordPress CMS or HubSpot COS, we sell our service and expertise to customize a dynamic website framework.  We create custom WordPress websites unique to your business that speak to your buyer persona.  In addition, we install and customize many free or low-cost modular add-ons to add functionality to your website such as an Events Calendar, Ecommerce Shopping Cart, RSS Feeds, Videos, Photo Galleries, Testimonials, Dynamic News and many more.

Keeping your customer captive on your website with interactive and dynamic content is key and what a website visitor expects.

Our CMS of Choice

Our Content Management Systems of choice are WordPress and HubSpot.  For open source options, we selected WordPress because it’s incredibly easy for our clients to update their sites after we make the site live, which saves them money and time.  For a CMS/COS tied into your prospect database, we recommend Hubspot.  In the past, also built websites in Joomla, but have found this option to be more complicated for the end user.

We will discuss your specific business needs during your free website consultation and help you choose the best Content Management System for your specific website functionality needs.