What Our Clients Are Saying…

"We interviewed many companies before deciding on VIEO design. Their combination of creativity, technology, business, marketing, art and clear communication makes them a wise business investment."
Bobette Gorden, Vice President, INFLUENCE AT WORK®; President, NewInformation Presentations, Tempe, AZ
"I had VIEO design my website a few years back and recently selected them for my Internet marketing needs. The choice was simple because of their professional touch and logical approach. Within the first month we have already had 6 new clients because of their work. Thank you to the VIEO TEAM!"
Dr. Wesley S. Mullins, DDS, Knoxville, TN
"VIEO Design is an outlier that achieved Silver Status in record time. Aside from being my favorite personalities to work with, there is a fundamental reason VIEO is such a successful agency. Most agencies I speak with are really good at one thing, but lack in other very important areas. Some agencies have marketing down but not services, some have services down but lack in delivery and so on. VIEO has it all. They are a fine tuned machine -- they know how to market, how to listen to client needs and develop a customized inbound plan and time and time again, they deliver high quality services that transform the way their clients gain exposure, market themselves and generate new business opportunities that turn into paying customers.

One of the things that makes VIEO so unique is how much they care about their clients. Once they start to work with a client, they don't move on to the next prospect. Instead, we strategize about how they can do an even better job for their existing customers. They are constantly reinventing the wheel internally to stay ahead of the curve and create long term value for their clients.

If I had my own business, the first thing I would do is hire VIEO as my marketing agency. They are the kind of agency that you can rely on for measurable ROI and the kind of people you want to grab a beer with after work -- a lethal combination of great work and great people."

Sarah Posnak, Boston, MA
"Without a doubt, VIEO Design has been the key to our success in launching, establishing, and growing our web presence. As a relatively new entrant into an explosive growth category, the time and energy they’ve put forth cultivating our business is beyond belief. From the look and feel of our webpages, to the optimization of our brand in all relevant search engines, time and again VIEO has delivered exceptional results. The most important piece of it all from my perspective is how closely we work together. There’s something to be said for a personal relationship that transcends a business partnership. That’s the best way to describe working with VIEO- working with friends. Can’t wait to see what we do in 2015!"
Derek Tharpe, National Category Manager, Charlotte, NC
"VIEO Design is a dynamic website company, and I would highly recommend them for your website needs. They are completely up-to-date on all the techniques for building an outstanding website that looks polished and professional. I really like the fact that they keep track of what's changing in technology so they can advise me about the newest strategies in website promotion."
Aleex Conner, Knoxville, TN
"I've had the pleasure of working with VIEO from both sides of the desk and have nothing but great things to say. Holly, Mac, and Maria have been a blast to work with, and the stuff that I've seen Rob and Paul create behind the scenes has been consistently impressive. VIEO is a great company, but their strength is in the people (and personalities!) that bring your visions to life. Thanks, VIEO!"
Jonathan Kerr, Knoxville, TN
"We have really enjoyed working with VIEO on our new ecommerce site. They have been professional, punctual and extremely helpful. We were working under a tight deadline to get our site live and they made sure that happened. I would definitely recommend using them for SEO, marketing and website design."
Laura Owens, Knoxville, TN
"VIEO Design did an outstanding job getting on our new web page from concept to finished product. They paid attention to what we were looking for, they heard what we were asking for and helped us to find alternatives that worked in real life. The quality of work, follow up and their desire to help us achieve our goals are what sets VIEO Design apart from the rest. VIEO Design makes it happen!"
Thomas V. Gocke, MS, ATC, PA-C, DFAAPA President/Founder Orthopaedic Educational Services, Inc., Boone, NC
"I had my 8 year old website totally redesigned by VIEO in January 2013. Since that time my business has increased 25%. My business is 28 years old and the only change is the website. So I give most of the credit to the effectiveness of my new website."
Jon Dittrich, Knoxville,TN
"Working with VIEO Design was exceptional – from concept to creation, the whole process was very well executed by team members who listened to what my wishes and needs were to create an award winning website www.vitamarielovett.com THANKS!!! "
Vita Marie Lovett, Smoky Mountains, TN
"Holly at VIEO really impressed me with her speedy resolution to an issue I raised about a web form that wasn't particularly mobile friendly. The latter was clearly simply an oversight because just a few hours after sending in my unsolicited suggestion, Holly had emailed back to say Thanks for the suggestion and to let me know the issue had been resolved. The funny part was I didn't even need to use the form anymore and Holly knew that, yet she went out her way to email me an update of the situation. I have to say this is among the rarest reactions out there to constructive criticism. Most companies I have sent in suggestions or complaints to either ignore the comments or send a canned unhelpful and often rude response. VIEO clearly handles things (even with non-customers) in a far more professional, far more welcome manner. 2 Thumbs to Holly & VIEO. I am very pleased to have come across this web site!"
Kunle Olomofe, Lagos
"We couldn't be happier with the experience VIEO Design Team provided us! They are very professional and easy to work with. Holly is every customer service oriented, I don't think you can get better than that. Paul has a diversified knowledge in design and branding, besides the passion for what he does. And Rob has great patience in teaching how the website works. They understood our vision and needs and executed a beautiful work. We highly recommend them!"
Renata Zenzen, Knoxville, TN
"Holly helped overhaul my website: www.arrivebiz.com. I think the results were stunning. She ran all the meetings to determine what my needs were and to follow up on the implementation and training. Her patience in dealing with my schedule and keeping the production on track was what made it so easy. Thanks Holly!"
Amelia Crotwell, Esq., Knoxville, TN
"The website has made a world of difference in our company. Our image has improved tremendously, and we are now confident in having people view our website! We’ve also had many new business contacts that have reached out to us due to our new website that we’ve never had before. VIEO Design is the best!"
Tracey Garrett, ERx Group, Knoxville, TN
"Yes, they have great customer service and yes, my website looks fabulous. BUT what I really care about is that the website is a part of my marketing and all I care about is return on investment. This week I've gotten five inquires through my website - great job VIEO! They are a first rate group whose websites are amazing. They are relaxed, zanny and alot of fun to work with. I appreciate the knowledge an experience that they bring to the table and I can understand what they are saying - no geek talk. It is not surprising to me the number of awards that they have received. You can't go wrong with VIEO."
Colby McLemore, Knoxille, TN