Is Your Website A “Web Fright”? Seven Ways To Tell…


Website Fright

A bad website is more than spooky, it can cost you potential business.  Lost business means lost revenue and lost revenue is no treat!  Here are seven website “web frights” to avoid…

1) A Non-CMS Website

CMS stands for Content Management System.  Modern CMS websites allow non-techies to easily change text, images, create new pages, and more.  Google loves fresh content so make sure your website is easily found.  Have a CMS website to avoid old stale content which keeps your site down.

2) Lacking Social Media Profiles/Social Sharing

As of October 2012, there are over 1 billion active users on Facebook , and over 140,000,000 active users on Twitter alone.  These and other social media platforms allow businesses of every size to personally connect with and influence potential customers.

Your website should allow visitors to easily connect with you on the social web.  Provide your website visitor with icons that link out to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  Make it easy for visitors to share your content with friends and business connections by providing social sharing buttons like those at the top of this post.

3) No Clear “Calls To Action”

We love gorgeous websites, but if your website doesn’t  influence your visitor to take action,  it won’t have a high ROI.  Does your website home page grab visitor attention?  Does it provide visual attracts that tell your visitor what to do next?  Do your interior pages help you “close the sale” by prompting visitors to contact you or buy?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no”, your website is losing potential contacts, leads, and/or purchases.

4) DIY Websites or Poor Web Design

Many business owners don’t realize the number of potential customers lost each day due to poorly designed or DIY websites.  Since prospects check out companies online first, your website is your last chance at a great first impression.

Does your website say that you run a modern profitable business?  Is it created to be appealing to your demographic?  Are there broken images or images that are too large for the web?  Does your website load so slowly your visitor gives up and moves on?

A DIY or poorly designed website, or a website run on an inferior web hosting platform will result in lost revenue.

5) Missing Blog

B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than non-blogging companies, and 57% of  marketers acquire customers from blogging.

Your blog allows you to add fresh engaging content to your website so that you can draw traffic.  Blogs are key to organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so 1) ensure your blog is physically part of your website ( or, 2) make sure it is easy to share on the social web,  and 3) update it frequently!

6) Not Mobile Friendly

60% of consumers research products and services several times a month via mobile devices.  Be sure your website can be viewed on a mobile device, or better yet was built with mobile viewing in mind.  If your website was built with Flash or was designed several years back, it is time to contact a professional web design firm for help.

7) No Analytics

When I was a manager in the corporate world, we were trained to “inspect what you expect”!   Does your website have Google Analytics?  Are you checking your reports consistently?   If not, you won’t know how your website is performing.

Google Analytics will tell you how many visitors are coming to your website, what they typed in the search engine to get there, where they were before they came to your website, and what they are viewing on your site.  We think analytics are so important, we include them on every website.

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Holly Yalove

Holly Yalove

Holly Yalove is a Principal and the Chief Marketing Officer for VIEO Design. With over 20 years of professional experience and a B.A. in Psychology, she has a passion for cultivating relationships and exceeding client expectations.
Holly Yalove


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Holly Yalove
  • Laura Owens

    Great post!!

    • VIEO Design

      Thank you Laura! Glad you liked it – keep coming back for more WordPress tips!

  • Dina

    Hi Holly,

    At the moment my facebook account is a fright!

    1)I cannot invite friends or get anyone to like me. When i
    email contacts no one receives the email.

    2)My page url is a mile long!

    3)My business does not even come up in facebook

    4) I now cannot start my own personal facebook account
    because i used my only email for the business account.

    Please help.

    Kind Regards


    • VIEO Design

      Hello Dina!

      I may be able to help right away with #2 and #4 but may need you to give me a few more details. #1 and #3 may require looking at your specific page and situation in more detail. Do you mind sharing your page link or emailing to me (

      For the moment, general help is included below:

      1) If you don’t have a personal profile yet (sounds that way from #4), you wouldn’t have a group of friends to invite yet. Once your page is set up as you like it (preferably linked to your personal profile), check out this help link Facebook provides related to inviting by email for pages with less than 5000 likes:

      2) Long URL – sounds like you need to set a Facebook page user name. Last I checked, you can do this once your page has 25 fans/likes. See help by Facebook:

      3) Not sure on this one without your page link/name.

      4) I’m guessing you have set up a stand alone business page or set up a personal profile that you are trying to use as a business page. Since FB will only let you have one account per email, you can a) start over and delete the page, or b) get new email** set up and then set up your personal account.

      Once you set up your personal account, make yourself an admin of the business page. If you set up a personal account, are trying to use as a business page, and need to convert it – see this FB help

      ** Creating new emails: One great way to get unlimited emails linked to a professional domain name at very low monthly hosting cost is with a company like Infinity Hosting Solutions . If you want free email, gmail is a great option.

      Let me know if this helps!