January 20, 2014 | Casey Owens

3 Great Free Graphic Tools for Inbound Marketing

3 Great Free Graphic Tools to Help Your Inbound Marketing

There are literally thousands of tools out there to help you to make design decisions and create engaging visuals that can improve your Inbound Marketing. Some of them are great, but others are absolutely awful! Here are three great free graphic tools for web design and inbound marketing that I use to help me in my daily design process.

Unitag - QR Generator

QR codes are a great way to guide users to a specific page on your website. If you're running a special and you want to bring users to a specific page about that special, you can use a QR code on printed materials to track how effective your promotion is.

The reason I like Unitag is the fact that you can customize the entire QR code. You can change everything from the color all the way down to different shapes in the QR code and even embed your logo. It even gives you the option to overlay images, and it has custom templates for social media. Check out these QR codes that I created for VIEO:

VIEO Website QR codeVIEO Facebook QR code VIEO Twitter QR code

RealFaviconGenerator.net - Favicon Generator

If you work as a web designer or developer, you know the favicon can be elusive. (In case you don't know, a favicon is the tiny image displayed for each website in the browser tab). Staying up-to-date with the changes in technology that affect favicons can be taxing; that's why I love Real Favicon Generator.

Not only does it help to create a favicon for your website, but it lets you generate all the pictures and HTML code you need. It also creates icon links for when you save or bookmark the link on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, in Windows 8, and more!

Real Favicon Generator.net

Adobe Kuler - Color Wheel

Always searching for the perfect color combinations but not finding what you want? Adobe Kuler is a great solution, because it lets you pick your colors based on Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades, and even Custom color sets. You can then access the RGB and HEX color codes you need to use the colors in your designs or web coding.

Adobe Kuler

Using these tools as a part of a website redesign?

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Casey Owens

Casey Owens

As a UI/UX specialist, Casey was responsible for consulting on the user interface and user experience elements of all of VIEO's web designs. He also managed PPC campaigns for our clients, working directly with a Google representative to get the best results with the client's budget.

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