September 15, 2014 | Casey Owens

3 Web Design Tips to Keep More Visitors on Your Website

3 Design Tips to Attract More Visitors to Your Website How do you attract more visitors, make them stay longer, and get them to come back? Every day, your website competes with millions of other sites for the attention of your visitors.

Grabbing your visitors' attention is the key to keeping them on your website! It sounds simple, but designing the user experience to increase engagement is difficult. You not only need great content, but you need to design inviting and engaging ways to present your content. Here are my 3 top web design tips that will help you hold your visitors' attention and keep them on your website.

1. Create great content.

First, create content that your visitors will want to read. Your content is the foundation of your website - it's what people are looking for when they visit. Don't get too technical or overload the reader with detail they don't need. Keep your text brief, natural, and SEO-friendly.

Text is only one part of your content; you need to have compelling visuals that draw the viewer in and make them want to continue reading. Web images are usually file types like JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs, but can also be SVGs, which have a lot of advantages. Scalable Vector Graphic files (SVGs) are "lightweight" (small file sizes) and render directly in the browser, making them faster to load and easier to scale in responsive designs. When you can use them, you should!

You can read more about creating content that will increase engagement in our post SEO Psychology: 5 Must-Know Principles of Lovable Content Creation.

2. Optimize your images!

Nothing kills user engagement and makes visitors leave your site faster than images that don't load quickly. Optimizing your images so they have both good resolution and small file sizes is essential. Here are 4 more web design tips to help you optimize your website images:

  • Keep image dimensions reasonable (for example, don't upload an image at 1000 px wide only to shrink it to 300 px)
  • Use image compression
  • Save your images for web at 72 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Avoid or limit images with transparency


3. Create an experience.

Do you have a great story to tell, or a great new product to highlight? Do you want to keep your visitors on a page longer and guide them to key points you're trying to make? Maybe you should give parallax design a try. Parallax is sweeping the web design industry.

This technology creates a 3D effect by using design elements that move individually, creating a dynamic experience that encourages the visitor to continue scrolling. Sony has an amazing parallax design for their Be Moved campaign that really tells a story, encourages visitors to be engaged, and compels them to scroll.

These 3 web design tips for keeping visitors on your website will go a long way, but it doesn't stop here!

In your next website redesign, make your website not only beautiful but user-friendly, quick to load, and dynamically engaging. Our free website redesign guide will help you do just that.

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Casey Owens

Casey Owens

As a UI/UX specialist, Casey was responsible for consulting on the user interface and user experience elements of all of VIEO's web designs. He also managed PPC campaigns for our clients, working directly with a Google representative to get the best results with the client's budget.

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