January 23, 2014 | Melanie Chandler

5 Websites You Should Be Using for Font Choices

Need a Font

Need to jazz up a document or presentation? One easy way to achieve this is to use interesting typography. Incorporating fun fonts will help your readers or viewers visually engage with your information.

Fonts express personality. A person's font choices are crucial, but for beginners this process can be overwhelming. With so many websites that provide easy access to a huge range of fonts, it's easy to make bad choices. Googling "free fonts" can lead you down a rabbit hole. Millions of sites pop up, but there are some that I favor over others. Here is a list of my favorites.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts Website

Google Fonts are mainly for web use, but this site allows you to download a desktop version to use for other purposes as well. It's free for both personal and commercial use.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel Website

Font Squirrel is one of my favorite sites, and not just because it has a fun name. This site is full of free fonts that 100% free for commercial use. These are hand-selected fonts, so the chances of choosing a "bad" font is low.

Lost Type Co-Op

Lost Type Co-Op Website

Some of my favorite fonts come from this site. The Lost Type Co-Op is a pay-what-you-want site. Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they want for the font, or can choose to enter $0 for a free download. However, with this site, you need to be careful. Some of these fonts are not for commercial use, but this will be noted on the font's individual page. Just keep an eye out.


MyFonts Website

MyFonts is slightly different from the others on this list. You can find fonts for you project, identify fonts you've seen from images, and try fonts before buying. This site has a mix of free fonts and fonts you have to purchase.


Dafont Website

With this site, it's easy to lose hours searching through its library. Be careful with this site, there are some well-designed fonts in the collection, but a lot of bad ones too. Before you download, be sure to read the text above the download button to see if it's free for personal use or if you have to donate to the author before using.

Don't see your favorite site on the list? Leave it in the comments!

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