July 1, 2014 | Emily Winsauer

VIEO's 8 Best Social Media Apps for 2014

Yesterday was Mashable's fourth-annual Social Media Day, and the worldwide celebration of all things social got us thinking about the many ways that social media platforms have changed our lives.

Sure, we all love Facebooking, Tweeting, and Instagramming from our phones, but the power of social media extends so far beyond that!

Crowdsourced information, aggregated in real time by social technologies, has made it possible for us to create our own personalized multimedia publications, share what's happening in our microclimates, and even lose weight more effectively.

Mobile apps that make use of social networks have been created for almost every purpose imaginable.

I polled our staff to find the ones that we at VIEO find most useful (and most distracting?) on a daily basis. In no particular order, here are the VIEO staff's tried-and-true favorite social media apps.

VIEO's 8 Best Social Media Apps for 2014


As it turns out, you can say a lot in under 6 seconds. Vine is growing fast, and with good reason. It's an exciting format - I'll let my personal favorite Viner, Jerome Jarre, show you why:


This app allows users to easily pull together a multimedia collection of content around their interests, with a layout more like a newsmagazine than a news feed.

You can filter incoming content from across the Internet and share it right from the app, making Flipboard the perfect way to balance your need to stay informed with the ever-increasing flood of digital information.

Flipboard App

Google+ Hangouts

As our Sales and Marketing Manager, Tim has to stay connected at all times. Google+ Hangouts is the one social app he says he can't live without, and with good reason - he can catch up with clients and coworkers using text, voice, or video on nearly any device.

Google+ Hangouts make group conversations much easier, and the video effects are particularly fun for snow-day work meetings (monocle and mustache, anyone?). You can also broadcast conversations with Hangouts on Air, share photos within chats, and call phones from your computer.

Google Plus Hangouts App


Summer reading is upon us, but you don't need to ask your local librarian for a recommendation (though they're still a great resource!). Find the next book you'll love with friends' endorsements, collective user ratings and reviews, and suggestions from the app based on what you like right now.

Goodreads App


Tumblr is the ultimate in personalized content. Follow other Tumblr accounts and share anything from anywhere. You can even customize the look of your feed via HTML - talk about freedom.

Tumblr App

Weather Underground

A social weather app? Yes indeed - in addition to the impressive body of climate information it offers, Weather Underground lets you give feedback on the accuracy of reports, view and upload photos of weather conditions, and customize the fields you see in the forecast section (I don't need to know the dew point, but farmers do). User-submitted crowd reports are especially useful for extreme weather conditions.

Weather Underground App


Not only does Klout track your social media influence, but it lets you schedule Facebook posts and Tweets, displays the peak engagement times specific to your accounts, and suggests influencers with similar interests to tag in your posts.

Klout App


Several VIEOans use MyFitnessPal to track nutrition and exercise, but this app gets its true strength from its social elements. Users can upload nutrition facts for recipes, and support from friends (imported from Facebook or your contacts) is a big reinforcement when you make progress or hit a rut. The UPC scanner is just icing on the low-calorie cake.

MyFitnessPal App

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Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

As VIEO's content director, Emily Winsauer was responsible for content strategy for VIEO and our clients for over 5 years. She recently moved to Seattle where she's still creating compelling content in her new role.

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