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Choosing the Best CRM for Your Business in 2020

Post by: Yvonne Bertovich

With a new year and a new decade upon us, it's likely that your personal and professional goals may have something to do with organization. We're probably right to assume that you'd like your reorganization efforts to have a positive impact on your business' overall performance.

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VIEO-ians Win Big at Big Wigs — Bring HOME 6 New Trophies!

Post by: Yvonne Bertovich

The wigs may have been temporary, but we're still beaming with pride that our VIEO team took home six of the Knoxville American Advertising Federation Big Wig Awards this year! A huge thank you to everyone who voted, and congratulations to all of our fellow winners!


The 2019 Big Wig winners are:


Ryan Ridings, Best Web Developer (5th year!)

Max Willner,  Best SEO/SEM Specialist (2nd year!)

Holly Yalove, Best Digital Strategist/Analyst

Nikki Sneed, Best Blogger

Torrie Boggs, Most Likely to Be My Boss in 10 Years

Jordon McClendon, Best Project Manager

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Demystifying Buyer Personas: What To Know & How To Use Them

Post by: Yvonne Bertovich

Already mystified by this concept? Fear not, you'll be among the ranks of buyer persona experts, like our team at VIEO, in no time. Be sure to check out our bonus video about buyer personas at the bottom!

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