January 9, 2020 | Yvonne Bertovich

Choosing the Best CRM for Your Business in 2020

With a new year and a new decade upon us, it's likely that your personal and professional goals may have something to do with organization. We're probably right to assume that you'd like your reorganization efforts to have a positive impact on your business' overall performance.

Better yet, how can you streamline processes between departments? If you're hoping to kick the chances of miscommunication and forfeited ROI to the curb, what you need is a CRM, or a customer relationship manager. Furthermore, you need one that actually works for you, not against you.

A CRM Stores Your Valuables and Feeds Your Business

One way to think of a CRM, according to HubSpot, is like your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. No no, we don't mean it's time for a snack, but feel free to treat yourself to one at the end. You may be aware that HubSpot provides a free, comprehensive CRM. What makes a CRM like your preferred kitchen storage unit is that it provides a place for valuable resources near and dear to your heart (and stomach).

But wait, are you now lost and feeling a little hungry? Here's the point: gathering valuable data from your customers, such as contact information, lifecycle stage, hopes and dreams, and the like, but not having a reliable place to store it is like leaving the market with a full cart but having nowhere to put it when you return home.

An Unreliable CRM Equals Unhealthy Practices (and Attitudes)

Without the best CRM for your business, you can stir up a host of issues, leaving your team weak and vulnerable.

  • Your marketing team will be drained because there isn't any data for them to draft creative assets, leverage the motivations of your customers, better understand buyer personas, and more.
  • Your sales team will be hangry for contact information about prospects and leads and will miss out on valuable conversations that convert.
  • Your customer service team will be famished and unable to provide effective follow-up, which is what ensures loyal customers come back to further feed your funnel or flywheel.

How to Get Healthy with the Right CRM

If your business has an archaic or overcomplicated CRM, you may experience issues like an inability to manage or qualify leads, even if your marketing team is generating a ton of them. Or, your service team being unable to identify what customers need support for on-boarding or other new services. These are just a few of the problems that VIEO's Principal and Chief Strategist, Holly Yalove, has run into over her 11 years of experience working with CRMs.

Fortunately, the right fit for your business is out there. CRM providers such as HubSpot have the ability to log recent customer communications, pertinent contact details, page views, and more. You can pivot this information to your advantage to not only have live conversations within the right context, but further supplement written communications as well.

Using Your CRM's Data to Your Advantage

We may have just piqued your interest for how much legwork a CRM filled with data can do for you. According to VIEO's Business Development Manager, Mitch Transue, the right CRM can use seemingly generic information about your prospects and leads and make them feel like more than just a name in an address book. Instead, they'll feel feel valued, heard, and appreciated.

Furthermore, the right CRM can fill knowledge gaps between your different departments seamlessly. You can better understand where your leads are coming from or what services they may be interested in. This can be determined by examining how the prospect discovered you, what pages they've viewed on your site, if they've downloaded any resources, or filled out any forms. All of this information is crucial to lead nurturing and furthering that contact's stage of the buyer's journey.

HubSpot also allows you to use tokens to add personalization to CTAs, emails, and more with just a few clicks. And, it was determined that "calls-to-action targeted to the user performed 212% better than calls-to-action that were generic," according to HubSpot and VIEO's newest BizDev savant, Jessica Jardin.

What Makes Some CRMs (Like HubSpot) the Best

In addition to the capabilities mentioned prior, some CRMs, like HubSpot, take it one step further and top everything off with queso. Or guac. Or a cherry, or chia seeds — whatever you're in the mood for, we won't judge. Other bonuses unique to HubSpot include a business card scanner and a contact import on the mobile app — perfect for sales team members on the go. HubSpot also offers email integration that allows you to add a contact and track their reply without having to copy and paste from the email into the CRM.

Contact us for a free HubSpot demo and you'll see that it actually does get even sweeter than that. After all, the right CRM can really make all the difference. And, as you continue your pursuit of better business health and organization in 2020 and beyond — we wish you the best of luck. 

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Yvonne Bertovich

Yvonne Bertovich

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