November 12, 2015 | Melanie Chandler

Client Spotlight: City of Folly Beach

The City of Folly Beach website redesign is one of the most enjoyable projects that I've ever worked on—not only because complete facelifts are always a fun challenge, but because this city is one of my favorite places to visit. (Don't even get me started on Folly Beach Crab Shack's famous dip!) Folly Beach was always an ideal family vacation spot growing up, and it even served as my honeymoon destination. I have many wonderful memories of this ocean-side oasis, and I channeled them to solve a few of our client's pain points.

So naturally, I chose the City of Folly Beach for my client spotlight. Let's take a look at what makes this project so special.

city of folly beach client spotlight

Where Aesthetics Meet Function

This site is targeted to the residents of Folly Beach, and so it needed to be user-friendly, allowing visitors to easily find important information like upcoming events, rules and regulations, and severe weather procedures. Subsequently, all of this information is highlighted on the homepage where site visitors can quickly access it.

Likewise, because Folly Beach is a coastal city, flooding and hurricanes are major hazards. For this reason, our client wanted important weather-related information accessible from the homepage. As a result, we created a "ticker" type function on the homepage to display any important information that residents might need to find.

Like any business, our client's main concern was being able to easily change or modify information on the website with minimal effort. Our solution, then, was to create custom coded fields in the backend of WordPress.

A Personal Touch and the Final Product

Where their old site was once text heavy, hard to navigate, and just a little outdated, we delivered a completely visually-compelling, user-friendly product. We gave their site a modern makeover by using visuals that are iconic to Folly Beach, SC and a color palette that radiates the relaxed vibes of the city. I designed the home page to showcase the beauty of this city, digging through my picture archive to find the perfect image of the iconic fishing pier. I took this photo, now displayed proudly on this blog, a couple of years ago during one of my vacations, and it's still just as beautiful as ever.

I loved working on this project because we were able to deliver a captivating website, a way to easily update their content without any flaming hoops, and I was able to add a personal touch by using my own photography. Risking getting sand in my swanky camera was totally worth the finished look. 

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Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler

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