July 18, 2016 | Melanie Chandler

Client Spotlight: My Family Dentistry Website Redesign

There's something satisfying about being able to redesign one of your first big projects. Looking back at my initial designs, I have plenty of "What was I thinking?!" moments. 

Last year, when our long-term client My Family Dentistry needed a website redesign, I had the chance to revisit one of the first design projects I led here at VIEO—a design I started all the way back in 2013. While I'm still proud of that work, it's great to have a chance to one-up myself.

My Family Dentistry, located here in Knoxville, Tennessee, is one of our oldest clients. These days we provide them with inbound marketing services as well as web design and support. All those years ago (well, 3 years ago), one of my first projects was to redesign the version of their website we had created a few years before that. So when I approached the redesign this time around, I was more than excited about getting the chance to redo one of my initial designs. It went even better than I expected!

The Results

My Family Dentistry Website Redesign

In these pictures, you can see my 2013 website redesign on the left (so blue!) and my 2016 redesign on the right. This time around, My Family Dentistry wanted to focus on who they are today, which includes many more services than when they first started.

To make that clear, we increased the visibility of a few key services on the home page and clearly featured key parts of their personality and unique approach to dentistry in the high-design slides you see as you scroll down the page.

Since the new site went live, Dr. Mullins told us that at least two people have chosen him over other Knoxville dentists explicitly because of the professionalism of the website.  

However, because we provide marketing services for My Family Dentistry, we're able to see for ourselves how performance has improved following the launch of the redesign. For example, we've found that since the new website launched, overall traffic has increased dramatically over the previous year:

  • Sessions (visits) have increased by 51%
  • Users (visitors) have increased by 45%
  • Page Views (individual pages people visit) have increased by 44%

Also, the new website particularly focused on the keyword  "dental services". With this focus, organic traffic to the My Family Dentistry's "dental services" page has increased 128%.

The Design Process

Making sure their new site fit the evolving tone and direction of the practice was top priority. As we discussed the new design with them, we discovered that the goals of the website had changed since the last redesign, both in terms of information and appearance.

In 2016, they want to focus on new services they offer, whereas the last time around they were focused on their brand positioning. The site we created in 2013 was awesome at the time, but web design and development standards (not to mention marketing tools!) have changed so much since then. Their site looked dated, and we needed to change that.

During design consultations, the first questions I usually ask are about the tone of their site and what visual direction they want to take. When I asked Dr. Mullins this question, his immediate response was "southern comfort". He wanted the website to make people comfortable and show people that their dentist's office is an inviting place, since many people have negative associations with dentists.

Taking inspiration from the new branding we created for them, we felt that a monochromatic approach was the best way to create that feeling of peaceful southern comfort. They had professional photos taken a few years back, so we had a nice pool of high-quality photos to choose from. Using real photos instead of stock photos always brings more personality to the site, and featuring Dr. Mullins' adorable daughter on the home page is guaranteed to engage new website visitors!

Being able to see and visualize the actual people you will come into contact with gives website visitors a sense of comfort and reassurance. Going to the dentist can be scary. I know I would rather be able to visualize who is going to be all up in my mouth, rather than looking at the disembodied hands of a stock photo dentist! 

Why not take a look at the new My Family Dentistry website and see for yourself?

If you're preparing for a redesign yourself, our checklist can give you a more detailed idea of what's involved. Just click below to download it at no cost!

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Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler

As design director, Melanie Chandler leads the design team and works with them to create consistently compelling and engaging website designs, images for digital marketing, and other visual content to communicate corporate identity and drive traffic on websites and social media.

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