December 11, 2015 | Melanie Chandler

Client Spotlight: Regal Fuels Web Design and Branding

Regal Fuels came to us for a complete web design makeover, starting with their branding. They wanted the whole shebang, and as their designer, I was definitely up for the challenge.

The great thing about a website makeover is that the client already knows what's not working for them. With just a few simple questions, we were able to find out the direction they wanted to take with the branding and new site.

With the new website, Regal Fuels wanted to communicate that they were a professional organization with the capacity to handle any size or any type of customer, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to large scale oil companies specializing in exploration and production. They also wanted to highlight their service areas and feature a custom stock ticker on their home page so that visitors could easily find this key information.

Here's the finished product:


Honestly, there's something about rebranding that I absolutely love.

Maybe it's that there is so much potential, and I get to take full advantage of it. After all, this wasn't about cleaning up the current logo a little to make it look "fresh."

She's All That GIFNo, we're talking a complete She's All That makeover. Think of Regal Fuels as the Laney Boggs of petroleum distribution, and now imagine that I turned it into the prom queen.

When Regal Fuels came to us, their logo was a little clichéd. In all fairness, with a name like "Regal," using a crown in your branding seems like a logical decision.

When we asked Regal what they would like to see in the new logo, they made it very clear that they didn't want any cartoon crowns. Instead, they mentioned that they might like to showcase their love for nature and eagles. As their designer, I was immediately excited about using some element of an eagle in their branding.

Of course, their number one concern was their customers, so I also knew this logo had to represent confidence and stability in some way. I wanted the logo to make customers and prospects feel that they would be taken care of, and that they could trust this company. The folks at Regal were open to whatever colors we thought were the best, which was exciting because I love playing around with color combinations.

Once the logo was complete, we started on the website redesign.

Their previous site was basic, and the information that was important to visitors was hard to find. The site was also under construction during our entire design process, so we were able to build from the ground up. To tell you the truth, I like my websites how I like my shoes: function over beauty. Yes, it has to be pretty, but what's the point if it's not functional?

I used eye-catching photos with complementary colors to anchor the website design, and prioritized core functionality and user experience. At the end of the day, Regal Fuels received a final product that was everything they wanted and more.

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Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler

As design director, Melanie Chandler leads the design team and works with them to create consistently compelling and engaging website designs, images for digital marketing, and other visual content to communicate corporate identity and drive traffic on websites and social media.

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