January 15, 2015 | Casey Owens

How to Customize HubSpot Emails: Part 1

Before you customize and design your email template, you need to know both the goal of your email and what its content will be. The template is the foundation of your email, because it dictates the appearance and layout of your emails.

Your emails need to be easy for your contacts to read and navigate. They need to have consistent branding to maintain a similar look and feel to your website and other marketing materials. Your email template can ensure both of those things, but most importantly, it needs to fit the content of the emails.

In this two-part series, I'll first go over the basics of customizing your HubSpot emails. We'll start with changing your email settings to include your branding and colors, and in the next post, I'll go over how to set up a custom template.

Let's get started!

Part 1: Customize Your HubSpot Emails

1. Content > Email

From your HubSpot Dashboard, click on Content > Email

Click on content then email.

2. Manage Settings

In the Email menu sidebar click on Manage Settings.

Click on Manage Settings

3. Email > Footer Information

Under the Email Footer Information menu item, make sure that your company information is filled out correctly.

Email Footer Information

4. Email Size

To set up the size of your email enter the default width and padding (measured in pixels) in the Email Size section below Email Footer Information. We've found 600 tends to be a good number for width.

Email Size

5. Email Colors and Fonts

In the side menu, click on Colors and Fonts. This is where you will input the fonts and colors that are a part of your branding.

Keep in mind that there is not a huge selection of fonts, so just pick ones that are close to your fonts, or choose a common serif or sans-serif font.

Then select your Primary Font, Secondary Font, Primary Font Size, Secondary Font Size, Primary and Secondary Font Colors, Primary and Secondary Accent Colors, Body Color, and Background Color.

Click on Color and Fonts

Input your branding colors and fonts.

This is also a good time to set up your Color Picker Favorites with your branding colors so that you'll have them when editing emails directly.

Input your Color Picker Favorites.

There you go! You've completed the first step in customizing your HubSpot emails, and the basic settings are ready. Stay tuned for part 2, where I'll walk you through setting up a custom email template in HubSpot!

Don't stop at design—make sure your email content is optimized, too.

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Casey Owens

Casey Owens

As a UI/UX specialist, Casey was responsible for consulting on the user interface and user experience elements of all of VIEO's web designs. He also managed PPC campaigns for our clients, working directly with a Google representative to get the best results with the client's budget.

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