February 2, 2015 | Casey Owens

How to Customize HubSpot Emails: Part 2

Customizing your HubSpot Emails Part 2

In my last post, How to Customize Your HubSpot Emails, I discussed how to set up the colors, fonts, size, and basic information in your email templates. Now we're going to dive into setting up a custom HubSpot email template!

The template is the foundation of your email, because it dictates the appearance and layout of your emails. Before you jump right in to customizing your email template, you need to decide on the goal of your email and what content it will contain.

You'll want to ask yourself the following questions. What is the purpose of this email? What content will this email contain? Who will this email be going to? Once you have an answer to these questions then you'll have a better understanding of how to design and lay out your email template.

I'm going to start out with a basic email template that could be used across multiple emails, and use customized module groups, custom modules, and custom styling.

Let's get started!

1. Navigate to Design Manager

From the HubSpot Dashboard, click on Content > Design Manager.

Navigate to the Design Manager under the content section in the HubSpot Dashboard

2. Create New Template

Click on the blue New template button at the top right of the screen to create your email template.

Click on the new template blue button to start your new HubSpot email template

In the pop-up window, select Template Builder then Email. After selecting those two options, click the blue Create button.

Select Template Builder, Email, and then click the blue Create button

3. Name and Save Your Template

Next, you'll want to give your template a name and choose where you want to save it. Once you've done this, click Save.

Name your HubSpot email template, pick a location to save, then click Save

4. Customizing Your Template

When your template first loads, it will look like this.

This is what a basic email template from HubSpot looks like without customization

From here you can group modules together, add rows, and drag-and-drop to change the layout of the modules. First, I'm going to group the Logo, Main Email Body, Social Sharing Label, and Social Sharing modules by clicking group and selecting the modules.

By grouping modules, you can style them together rather than having to do it individually. Once you select a module inside the group feature, that module will highlight. Only highlighted items will be grouped. Once you have selected the modules, click Create Group.

Group modules inside the HubSpot email template

Next, I'm going to group the Logo in its own module group, and the other modules in another module group. This way, I can create a header for the email that can be styled separately from the body.

Grouping individual modules inside the main group

Click the gear, and then select Swap Module to change the moduleNow, I'm going to click the Add row button in the logo module group twice to create two new modules that will go on the left side of the header.

One will be a Rich Text Module and the other will be a Horizontal Spacer Module.

You can change the module type by clicking the gear on the right of the module and selecting Swap Module.

Once the pop-up screen appears, click on the module you want and click the blue Select button.

Choose the module you want and click select

Then I'll group those two and drag the New Module Group to the left and over the Logo, and use the vertical spacer bar between the modules to resize their positions.

Drag and drop to move modules

From here you can create, move, or edit your modules wherever you would like.

5. Adding Unique Customizations

editcssEach module in your template can have its own unique styling. Within the template, click on the gear and choose Edit CSS Declarations.

After the pop-up opens you can edit Text Color, Background Color, Border Color and Width, Inner and Outer Spacing, and add Custom Inline Styling. Once you're finished making your CSS edits, click the blue Done button.

Edit the style of you module Edit the style of you module

6. Completing Your Customized Template

Now that you've made all your edits, you can preview your template by selecting the Preview button at the top of the screen.

Preview your template

When you're done editing, just click the Publish button in the top right of the screen.

Publish your template

Now that you've completed your custom template, you're ready to send out emails with HubSpot.

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Casey Owens

Casey Owens

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