September 10, 2015 | Kareta Johnson

Editing Resources to Keep Your Content Sharp

Have you ever written an article or blog post, looked back on a sentence, and felt like something was just wrong with it? Maybe you played a round of “Is it actually wrong, or have I just been looking at it too long?”

If you’re anything like me, you probably couldn’t decide if was just your imagination, or if you really made a grammatical error. (Who can keep all those rules straight anyway?) In fact, maybe you considered doing a double check—because it couldn’t hurt, right? But you just didn’t know where to begin.

Well have no fear, my friend. We’ve all been there. Because even though writers and editors are expected to be perfect when it comes to all things word and grammar, no one can actually know everything (although I sometimes enjoy giving that illusion).

So ditch the stress, and check out these editing resources to keep your content sharp. Before long, you’ll exude an aura of verbal and written perfection that will keep everyone else guessing.


The internet is so full of websites that finding reputable and understandable sites among the virus-ridden and error-polluted can be a real struggle. Well no worries—I’ve already done the leg (or rather, finger) work for you. Take a look at these sites if you have any questions concerning grammar, spelling, or even verb tense(s).

  • The Purdue Owl – this site is fantastic for professional and educational writing.
  • Grammar Girl – this site has an archive full of helpful articles and videos. It also features a snazzy search bar so you can conduct quick look-ups.
  • Grammarly – this site functions as an interactive grammar and spell checker. You just upload your work, and Grammarly does the rest. This site also falls under my next two categories: Apps and Facebook Pages.


Take a quick trip to your App store and see what comes up when you search grammar and editing apps. Feel free to experiment, even, and find an app that fits your personal needs. There are more than enough to choose from!

  • Grammarly – it’s considered an app because you can create an account and install it on your google chrome bar. (Once it’s set up it will work as a spell and grammar checker for anything you type on your computer. Very handy!)
  • The Grading Game – my personal favorite. It’s not so much a resource as it is a game, but it still keeps your skills sharp. If you remember the rules, then you can easily cut down on your double check time.
  • Ginger Page Writing – a highly, well-reviewed grammar checker, especially for the business world.

Facebook Pages

Use your Facebook Newsfeed to your advantage! Get daily (sometimes even hourly) grammar reminders and editing tips from the people you follow.

  • Grammarly – they post quizzes, riddles, reminders, and tips. What’s not to love?
  • Grammar Monster – they post lessons, reminders, and exercises to help improve your understanding of common misnomers.

Don’t be afraid to find your own favorite editing resources, and never feel embarrassed to check your work or look something up. After all, we can’t all be language gurus or grammar savants.

Finally, check out these two videos that deal with language and grammar—just for fun. The first one you have to watch all the way through (it does have more adult humor/language in it, but it’s helped me greatly to remember how to use colons and semicolons). The second is simply a delightful song for those who appreciate English and grammar.

And when in doubt, it never hurts to Google. May your content stay sharp and your writing strong!

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Kareta Johnson

Kareta Johnson

In her time with VIEO, Kareta began as a content marketer and moved into project management. Her fun, upbeat personality contributed a great deal to our team and always made her blog post a joy to read.

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