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Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign, Step 5: Promote Your Offer

Promote Your Promotion with Social Media and Blogging

Now that you have carefully crafted the infrastructure of your marketing campaign–the offer itself, the killer landing page, and strategic workflows for nurturing incoming leads – it’s time to promote your offer via social media and blogging.

Blogging and social media can dramatically increase the reach of your content and draw traffic into your lead generation efforts. Just remember to always include a call-to-action linked to the landing page for your marketing offer.

Use longer excerpts from the content in your offer as the basis for blog articles (like this post – click here to download the ebook it came from), or use smaller excerpts or quotes as social media posts.

How to Use Your Blog in Your Marketing Campaign

When putting together blog posts announcing and promoting your offer, optimize your writing to grab the reader’s attention and use applicable keywords to rank well in search engines. Don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action to drive traffic to you offer! Here are a few more tips for your blog posts:

Feature a compelling image

People love pretty pictures, so include an appealing image that conveys what the blog post is about. A blog post including a photo, a graphic, a video, or an infographic typically gets better engagement than merely text.

Write an eye-catching title

Headlines are the most important element of your blog posts, because they’re the thing that gets people “in the door.” Use the title to capture readers’ attention and entice them to view your post. You need your title to be clear, accurate, and compelling. Make it SEO-friendly by thinking about how someone would search for your post, and incorporating those keywords.

Use an engaging format

In blogging, it is important to break text into manageable “chunks.” Reading web content is not like reading a physical book; the online reader needs to be able to scroll through your blog post and quickly evaluate the content. Use sub-headlines, bolded content, and bullet points to help them find the value in your post.

Social media sharing

Give your blog content extended reach by including social sharing buttons (e.g “like,” “share on LinkedIn,” “tweet,” “pin,” etc.) in every post. This will encourage readers to share your content with their personal networks and expand its reach beyond your own connections.

How to Use Social Media in Your Campaigns

As we just said, social media allows your tribe to share your content, expanding its reach beyond your own connections. Make use of these best practices to promote your marketing offer through social media channels:

Plan the frequency and timing of your posts

Control how often you share your offers to ensure that you’re making your content available but not dominating your followers’ news feeds. This is based on the nature of your business and the content you’re offering. For example, a recruiter will be more likely to repeatedly share the same job opening because her audience will naturally be more invested in that opportunity. However, people who liked an HVAC company on Facebook may not want to repeatedly download the same white paper about improving the efficiency of heating systems. Also, research the peak usage times for the social medium you’re using. Data shows that people tend to read blog posts and use Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter at very different times during the day and throughout the week.

Decide on your networks

There are a lot of social network available to marketers. Which ones are you going to use to promote your offer? You probably don’t have bandwidth to spend equal time on all of them. Look at your marketing analytics and your historical performance with different social media channels. Identify the three networks that bring you the best results and focus on using them to support your campaign.

Map different content based on the network

Different social networks are effective at promoting different types of content. Find out which social networks make the most sense for the type of marketing offer you have created, and use the elements of your offer to create tailored posts for each network.

Use #hashtags

When promoting your offer on Twitter, Google+, or Instagram (there are other networks that support them too), use hashtags to expand your reach. There’s more to hashtags than simply adding a pound sign in front of a word; hashtag research tools like Hashtagify can help you find and compare relevant hashtags.

If you’re launching a major campaign, you can also create a new hashtag to promote it (just confirm first that no one else is already using it). Choose one that’s intuitive and place it on the landing page, in your marketing emails and, of course, in your social media updates. That will streamline the discussions around the offer and help you receive feedback.

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