March 29, 2012 | Holly Yalove

Facebook Business Page Alert! Changes Take Place 3/30/12

Facebook Business Pages Change 3-30-12

Facebook has already warned you, but in case you haven't heard the buzz, Facebook is introducing New Facebook Business Pages on March 30, 2012. If you haven't prepared your page yet, you will want to do so tonight so that your page does not look strange or outdated.The new layout will closely resemble the Timeline layout found on personal pages, and Facebook supplies lots of great resources to learn more about the new features and business tools found on the new format. Check out their Pages Overview PDF and Facebook Pages Learning video.

If you haven't prepared yet you need to...

Create a captivating cover photo

  • Use an image that is at least 399 pixels wide. Cover photos are 851 wide x 351 tall and if you use an image smaller than this it will be stretched out and not look as professional
  • Use a photo that is a great representation of your brand and visually captivating. You can do this yourself in an image editing program, or contact a trusted digital creative firm to create one for you


Don't break the Facebook cover photo guidelines

  • According to Facebook, your cover may not contain price or purchase information such as "50% off" or "Download it at our website"
  • Do not use website address, physical address, email, or other contact information Facebook intends for your page's "About" section
  • Do not reference Facebook lingo such as "Like" or "Share" or other Facebook specific features
  • No calls to action are allowed such as such as "Tell your friends", "Buy Now", or "Get Yours Today"
  • A full list of Facebook page guidelines are available on Facebook


Take Advantage of New Features

Pinned Facebook PostPin posts to the top of your timeline to highlight different things weekly.

Use images in your posts and feature them to capture attention.

Use the new Admin panel so you can quickly see and respond to activity such as new "likes" or comments on your posts.
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Holly Yalove

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