December 13, 2018 | Jordyn Rector

Help Your Prospects and Meet your Sales Goals in 2019

As an employee of an agency where everyone is constantly learning, I am encouraged to follow suit. Because we are HubSpot partners, one of VIEO’s greatest sources of continuing education is HubSpot Academy. In my recent efforts to improve myself and my skills in my role as a business development representative, I enrolled in HubSpot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp with inbound sales legend, Dan Tyre.

Before enrolling in Dan Tyre’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (PGB), I was quite new to sales. I was hired by the folks at VIEO Design because I’m good at helping, and I didn't fully understand how to leverage that strength until I began working through Dan’s bootcamp.

What is Sales Really About?

The first lesson we learned in PGB was that sales is not about pitching, closing, or selling; sales is about helping. Letting this sink in allowed for several other helpful lessons to click, too. 

At first, I was nervous about picking up the phone and calling prospects. I didn’t want to bother them, and I didn’t want to sound “annoying” or “salesy,” which are basically the same thing. Most of all, I only wanted to add value to the lives of others, and I felt by intruding upon them with a phone call, I’d be doing the exact opposite of that.

Despite my nerves, Dan and my classmates (AKA fellow sales lions) helped me to understand the true purpose of calling - connecting with prospects, listening, and helping! I was able to offer my time to people who needed help, which led to a better understanding of their needs and determining if we were a good fit for one another. 

How can i be a boss at phone calls?

One of the most important parts of adding value with a phone call is researching your prospect before taking any of their time on the phone. Check their LinkedIn, read about their company, and see if your contact has personally written anything about their industry recently. This is something that I enjoy doing because I like to think that I'm quite good at it. With your research, you want to learn:

  • What is your prospect's name? Are there instructions online of how to pronounce it (for the Siobhans and Seamuses of the world)?
  • What is their company name? How does one pronounce it? What do they do? What is their company culture like? 
  • Judging from Mr./Ms. Prospect's Linkedin photo, what kind of personality might they have? 
  • Based on their Linkedin profile, what does their background look like? Where are they from? Do you have anything in common?


One fantastic tip that Dan Tyre gave out for this research is to limit it to about 10 minutes. He said that anything beyond that and you're stalling. 

So, What's the Best Way to Help prospects?

After building my confidence up a bit, it was the perfect time to implement something new: video. Video is huge right now, and for good reason. It's incredibly useful to prospects and a quick and effective tool for us sales folks. 

Using video in the sales process has some pretty incredible stats for success:

How does 50+ opportunities per month with only one hour of prospecting per day sound? 

What about $3,150 monthly recurring revenue AND 31 opportunities in 4 hours?

Or maybe 4x more meetings booked?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's real life and does require a bit of courage and work up front, but it's completely worth it to save both you and your prospects a great deal of time. 

Video adds value and helps people - those numbers don't lie! It's more interesting than the typical sales email that people are used to reading, it's more likely to be remembered, and it helps your prospects feel connected to you and your business. 

Pro tip: Make the video about them. If there is any bit of information that you can give them about how they can improve based on your expertise, let them know!  

Getting Started with Video

When I first started making videos for my prospects, it was embarrassing and awkward and I couldn’t tell if I was “doing it right.”

As it turns out, this is a common feeling that goes away after you continue to make videos. Fortunately, I got a head start by having the great network that PGB provides in order to get feedback about the quality of my videos and what I could do to improve as well as some fantastic tips. Here are a few of those: 

    • It’s okay to be silly and show your personality (actually, it’s better).
    • There are so many resourcesVidyard even has a Video Inspiration Hub that can give you some fun ideas (and the courage to loosen up).
    • The Vidyard integration with HubSpot makes it SO easy to use video and measure the level of engagement that your videos have gotten. 
    • Good lighting is extremely important - same with sound (get rid of the background noise). If you have a mood-lit office space, then it may be best to record your video by a window with natural light
    • Practice before you hit "record." I usually write out a few points that I want to make in my video so that I don't miss anything and I don't "um" and "ah" so much. 


I could give you a thousand tips, but the key to making great videos is that you just have to do it. You can’t get better by only watching videos or reading about it because it’s a totally different feeling to be in front of the camera, and that’s something that you’ll need to get used to (even if it feels like actual torture watching yourself being played back). Then, get some feedback from your coworkers or other trusted network. You'll be a video pro in no time. 

If you're in sales and want to improve your pipeline, pick up that phone, make some videos and always remember to help

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Jordyn Rector

Jordyn Rector

As our Business Development Representative, Jordyn stayed updated on developing trends, tools, and services that helped to establish our clients as market leaders. She worked closely with our team and customers to build stronger, more successful companies through growth-driven digital marketing.

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