December 16, 2013 | Maria Talley

How to Schedule a WordPress Blog Post in Advance

How to Schedule A WordPress Blog Post

We've said it before and we'll say it again - there are few things you can do to ensure the ROI of your marketing efforts that are more effective than regularly publishing new content through your blog.

Delivering content in a consistent and timely manner not only boosts your website's authority in the eyes of search engines, but also lets your readers know when and how often to expect new posts. Increasingly, consumers are viewing regular posting an indicator of a business's professionalism. If your blog schedule is irregular and unpredictable, you risk appearing slapdash and losing readers to other, more reliable sources of information.

When it comes to maintaining your marketing blog schedule during the holidays, scheduling your WordPress blog posts in advance can save you a lot of trouble. Instead of heading to your home office in the middle of Christmas dinner just to click a "Publish" button, you can spend your time around the tree with your family and take a break from the hectic world of Internet marketing, if only for a week.

Publish your posts at the exact date and time you want using the WordPress "Schedule" feature, so you can enjoy your holiday hibernation at home with no interruptions!

How to Schedule a WordPress Blog Post:

First, write, edit, and format the post like you do normally and save it as a draft. Then, find the "Publish" box at the top right-hand corner of your "Edit Post" screen and click "Edit" next to "Publish Immediately."

Edit Box WordPress

Then, enter the date and time when you would like for your post to be published. WordPress uses the 24-hour clock, or "military time," to schedule posts. The time zone is based on your location, and can be easily changed in the "General" section of your WordPress settings. For example, if you live in the Eastern time zone and would like for your post to go out at 3:43 pm on December 16th, 2013, set your publishing time to 15:43 and make sure that your time zone is set for New York.

WordPress Post Scheduling

Quick Tip: In case you aren't used to working in military time, the 24-hour clock resets at midnight, so midnight is 00:00, noon is 12:00, and three o’clock in the afternoon is 15:00 (because from midnight to three in the afternoon is fifteen hours).

When you're done editing the time, just click "OK" to close the time editing fields, and then click the "Schedule" button that appears in the place of the normal "Publish" button.

If you make a mistake, you can always go back and edit the time, or hit "Cancel" when the time is open for editing to go back to "Publish Immediately."

VOILA! You are now an expert in scheduling your WordPress blog posts ahead of time AND using military time!

If you're interested in scheduling your social media posts as well, there are a few good pieces of software you can use, but why not integrate (and track!) your social sharing into your larger Inbound Marketing strategy? VIEO Design is a certified Hubspot Partner, which means that we sell and are highly trained in the Hubspot Inbound Marketing software , which includes a powerful yet easy-to-use social publishing tool. Contact us to learn more about what Hubspot can do for your business.

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Maria Talley

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