April 19, 2016 | Aaron Teffeteller

How to Use HubSpot for Your Internal Processes

Working in a field like inbound marketing, the right tools can be key to your success as a company. Inefficient software can hamper you as much as underutilized software.

As a project manager at VIEO Design, I am a fan of two things that help to make my workdays easier: fleece vests and HubSpot. The first for their luxury and cutting edge style, and the second for its ease of use and functionality. 

HubSpot is a powerful tool for helping to manage our client projects, but it also streamlines my company’s in-house processes. This makes my job, along with my role as co-coordinator of the office’s social endeavors, go much more smoothly. So far, my idea for a competitive wood carving team hasn’t gotten a lot of traction, but I’m optimistic.

1. Event Planning

VIEO already uses HubSpot to help schedule emails, track RSVPs, and follow up with attendees and no-shows for our HUG Meetups here in Knoxville, but it can be also used for internal events as well.

Surprise parties, dance battles, company outings, and other activities can all be coordinated via this helpful platform. Being able to plan and oversee internal events and training makes carrying them out less of a trial for me and the company as a whole.

2. Collaboration

There are times when working with colleagues and keeping track of the details of a project—including design assets, content, and important competitive wood carving team updates—can feel like a huge and messy undertaking. HubSpot simplifies the process.

By integrating all of the necessary steps, it allows for better data management and execution as project members are able coordinate their efforts. You can track progress, make changes, and gauge metrics, so your info stays current every step of the way.

3. Hiring

Growing companies need to be able to grow well. For that to happen, you need to recruit intelligently. We’ve talked before about How We Use HubSpot to Hire the Best Employees and how we successfully used it to promote our job ads, monitor interest, categorize candidates, and communicate with our picks.

But even when we’re not actively hiring, HubSpot lets us see who’s visiting our site (including applicants) and watch their behavior, including which pages they view and how often. This helps us to make more targeted material, for both hiring and marketing, in the future.

4. Training

Once you’ve vetted and hired your all-star candidates, you want to know they’re up to speed on the latest sales, marketing, and design best practices. All of VIEO’s employees are thoroughly instructed in the art of spycraft and code breaking, but thanks to HubSpot’s educational modules, we’re also entirely Inbound Certified.

In addition to the free Inbound Marketing Certification course they offer, HubSpot provides customers with additional courses in Contextual Marketing, Sales, Design, and more, so every facet of your organization can receive specialized training and education in addition to a broader knowledge base.

Of course, not all tools work for every company. Maybe you only need email, Google Docs, and a well-maintained “Best Used Cars of 2016” wall calendar to manage your internal processes. HubSpot is an excellent product, though, and we’re pretty much hooked; it helps us implement our inbound marketing strategies, facilitates creativity and adaptability in addressing our clients’ needs and concerns, and makes many in-house tasks go much more smoothly.

With so many processes consolidated into one platform, I don’t have to worry about losing track of important details or missing out on valuable communication. That means I can focus more on perfecting my chicken tender recipe (I’ve gotten as far as “buy chicken tenders”) and less on managing projects from separate technological spaces.

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Aaron Teffeteller

Aaron Teffeteller

As an inbound marketing project manager, Aaron worked with clients to execute data-driven strategies involving content, social media, email marketing, and more.

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