September 9, 2015 | Kareta Johnson

Our 5 Favorite HubSpot Features Rolled Out at INBOUND15

 Around 10,000 excited marketers gathered in Boston this week for entertainment, networking, over 170 educational sessions, and big announcements. Last year, HubSpot announced their new CRM platform, the powerful email app Sidekick with real-time notifications, and the HubSpot editorial calendar.

This afternoon, attendINBOUND15ees were in for a treat as HubSpot launched this year’s new features that redefine inbound marketing.

These features will help expand those core marketing services and provide more opportunity to drive revenue. As if HubSpot couldn't get any better, right?

Here are some of our favorite features that rolled out at INBOUND15:

1. Leadin

Leadin is a free WordPress plugin that gives users a better understanding of their visitors. It allows you to see who's visiting your site, what content or pages they’re viewing before and after they've become leads, and it also lets you organize or segment your contacts based on their behavior.

Ok, so what’s the big news? We’re excited to hear that Leadin will now work with all sites or any CMS you’re using—not just Wordpress! With the new updates, you can even put a conversion form on your site to convert leads before they leave.

This is also a great tool for individual bloggers or those smaller businesses that aren’t quite ready to commit or purchase the HubSpot marketing software. Our favorite Leadin feature is that you can see your visitor's company and the number of employees. How cool is that?


2. Predictive Lead Scoring

With lead scoring, it may be hard to do all the work manually or figure out all the analytics. This is where the tool Predictive Lead Scoring comes in. How does it work? An algorithm combs through all your contacts and provides a score about your contact’s likeliness to convert into a customer. From there, HubSpot tells you exactly what you should do next!

HubSpot’s Predicitive Lead Scoring doesn’t just take into account your lead’s personal information such as job title or industry, but also includes all the behavioral data that will influence their buying decisions. You can see the number of form submissions or page views, and then it will predict the characteristics of leads that are most likely to become your customers.

Predictive Lead Scoring

3. Ads Add-on

Learning PPC and Social ads can be very difficult at first. Many marketers don’t focus on B2B, use the wrong metrics, or don’t really know if their approach is working. The Ads Add-on tool gives a simpler, clearer view of how ads perform beyond the clicks.

We love that this tool measures and creates paid media for your inbound marketing campaigns. With HubSpot’s Ads Add-on, you can know the number of leads, customers, and resulting ROI down to the keyword for your social and PPC ad campaigns. This tool closes the loop for advertising, segments ads, and gives you access to LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads that are currently in development. Yay!

AdWords Optimization panel

4. Reporting Add-on

We’re very excited to hear about the HubSpot’s Reporting Add-on tool. This is a central dashboard that will combine all of your sales and marketing reports into one interface.

This is helpful since marketers report on everything from leads, number of visits, and conversion rates. And as your company grows—so does your dashboard!

It will expand to provide more areas of interest based on your marketing efforts. The best part is that both sales and marketing can see all the metrics they’re responsible for, along with their progression over time.

Reporting Add-on - Dashboards

5. HubSpot Connect

If HubSpot is the superhero of all our sales and inbound marketing needs, then what about finance, ecommerce, or events? It can be frustrating working with different systems that can’t really communicate with each other. Well, you're in luck! Through integrations and teaming up with the best software companies in the world, HubSpot introduces Connect.

HubSpot Connect will combine and integrate with the tools you use every day: Zerys, Eventbrite, Survey Monkey, Zendesk, Shopify, Big Commerce—the list goes on!

This doesn't only change how you view your customers, but also how you’re engaging with them. For example, with the new HubSpot Connect, you’ll be able to see a timeline event of when a contact has viewed a specific Slideshare deck. Pretty awesome.


We could go on forever about all these amazing new features we’re excited about, but the ones that didn’t make the list are pretty awesome, too. This includes 5 new languages being added to HubSpot, more improvements to the COS, and the launch of the Easy Initiative—making sure the platform stays faster, better, and easier to use than ever before. All we have to say is that HubSpot’s INBOUND15 is definitely one for the books!


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Kareta Johnson

Kareta Johnson

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