November 24, 2014 | Tim Lott

HubSpot's Sidekick Email Tracking Software Is Perfect for Salespeople

Every hero needs a sidekick, so who’s your favorite? Peeta? Kato? Angry-Chris-O’Donnell-Robin? As salespeople by day and sometimes even night (you know who you are), we need sidekicks too. My favorite wingman is the Sidekick email tracking software from HubSpot.

I love this tool because it lets me see each contact’s history, when they open my email, and every time they open it after that. It can even show me where and from what device they opened the email. Sidekick can also tell me when someone clicks on a link inside one of my emails.

That’s why this tool can help me with sales prospects. If they keep opening emails again and again, I think to myself, “This may be a customer who wants to work with us!”

Here’s a video I made about the Sidekick email tracking software (okay, Chase helped with the special effects):

Building and maintaining client relationships is easy with Sidekick. It recommends contacts at a company I want to work with, so I can reach out if I don’t already know someone.

And what if I need to know more about a company first? Sidekick gives me a quick glance at the company with valuable information. I can see the number of employees, company revenue, where they’re located, and professional history.

Sidekick is even adding a scheduling feature, so you can schedule when you want your emails sent out. There are tons of other perks, and the best part is Sidekick is free for up to 200 emails a month. Yes, free!

With Sidekick scheduling emails and sending me reminders, I’ll never miss an opportunity with a potential client. This type of support will not only benefit me, but any sales hero!

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Tim Lott

Tim Lott

As VIEO's Sales and Marketing Manager, Tim’s integrity and desire to help others is what sets him apart. He thrives on the satisfaction of his customers, and aims to continually raise the bar for professionalism with personality. Tim’s experience in the sales industry and love for client care is a dynamic duo our clients will appreciate.

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