January 27, 2014 | Tim Lott

Increase Sales Productivity with a Marketing Driven Website

Every day, VIEO Design helps our clients increase sales productivity with marketing-driven websites, but believe it or not, we still meet people who don't have a website and aren't sure it's the best way to promote their businesses.

When it comes to marketing, these business are still using traditional advertising methods, or are just relying on word of mouth and referral business. The effectiveness of traditional newspaper, TV, and Yellow Pages advertising has been declining for years. People can now avoid traditional local advertising with technologies like DVR, satellite radio, and online business listings.

Don't get me wrong; these methods can work well, but they have their limitations and may not bring you the business you need to grow your company into the powerhouse you dream it could be.

So, what should you do instead?

Investing in and maintaining a quality website is the single best thing any business can do to succeed and increase sales productivity. Here's why:

According to HubSpot data, at lease 50% of consumers spend 75% or more of their total shopping time conducting online research - including for services that they can only buy locally. If you run a business, you can bet that there are people out there looking for you on the Internet. If you don't have a web presence, you're missing out on their business and the revenue that you deserve.

I've been in sales for almost 14 years, and I understand the importance of every sale to our company. I spend a lot of time networking and I do as much face-to-face marketing as I can, but I have a wife who appreciates it when I come home and children who already think I work too much. So, as a salesman, I put a lot of trust in the Inbound Marketing we do through our website to bring in business. If you're in sales or own a business, I'm sure that spending less time "pounding the pavement" and letting your website do some of the work for you sounds pretty good.

Say goodbye to cold calls!

Let's face it, nobody wants to call a stranger and try to convince them to buy something, and managers get tired of pushing their sales staff to pick up the phones and make cold calls.

It's time to think differently about how you reach those "strangers." Today, they're actually looking for YOU - or at least, the ones who are actually interested in your services are looking. By building a website designed to speak to these interested potential customers, you're bringing sales to your business.

There are really only two marketing challenges with websites; first, bringing in enough traffic, and second, turning that traffic into good leads and eventually customers.

Professional Inbound Marketing is specifically geared to bring in the right traffic and convert your visitors into leads. It's a beautiful thing - it works when I'm asleep, on vacation, and even during weekends and holidays.

One of the most important parts of Inbound Marketing is producing website, blog, and even social media content that speaks to your customers and gets them to engage with you, ultimately leading to more customers. Instead of picking up the phone to call John Smith, let Inbound Marketing bring him to you.

So, if you're like the rest of us who like to sleep, take vacations, and NOT work during weekends, a marketing-driven website and Inbound Marketing strategy can do the work for you. Contact us today for a FREE marketing assessment, and we can show you how to get started.

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Tim Lott

Tim Lott

As VIEO's Sales and Marketing Manager, Tim’s integrity and desire to help others is what sets him apart. He thrives on the satisfaction of his customers, and aims to continually raise the bar for professionalism with personality. Tim’s experience in the sales industry and love for client care is a dynamic duo our clients will appreciate.

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