April 12, 2016 | Melanie Chandler

Client Spotlight: INFLUENCE AT WORK Website Redesign

Have you ever had a former client who you knew was perfect for one of your newer services—like a match made in heaven?

Back in 2012, the ethical influence training company INFLUENCE AT WORK came to us to redesign their website. When we started offering inbound marketing services, we knew immediately that it was going to be a perfect match for their business.

Once we had discussed the potential and they were on board, it was time to give their website a facelift!

When we suggested a website redesign to go support the new marketing strategy, INFLUENCE AT WORK told us they wanted to take a different approach to the new site. They wanted something brighter, cleaner, and less masculine.

To accomplish this, we turned to a warmer neutral color palette, using dark colors only in a strategic way. For example, the main image on the home page is the only darker element on the page, but it draws attention to exactly the right place. 


To complement the neutral color palette, we added pops of red to reflect their logo. I was particularly happy about this, because I absolutely love that shade of red (we’re talking an excessive number of heart-eye emoji). The touches of red allowed us to weave in their branding while keeping the site bright and airy.

The real strength of this redesign was the way we incorporated Dr. Cialdini's work on the principles of persuasion. In particular, we modified to the homepage layout to utilize the principles of authority and social proof, using details of Dr. Cialdini's experience, high-profile clients like TIME and Forbes, and a recommendation from none other than Guy Kawasaki.

Website "facelifts" like this are always fun, because we're not necessarily starting from scratch, but we have an opportunity to make a big impact. Sometimes, the content of the website is good, and just needs to be rethought to fit the client’s new goals. In this case, INFLUENCE AT WORK gave us free rein to optimize their outdated site and make it work flawlessly towards their goals. We couldn't be happier with the results!

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Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler

As design director, Melanie Chandler leads the design team and works with them to create consistently compelling and engaging website designs, images for digital marketing, and other visual content to communicate corporate identity and drive traffic on websites and social media.

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