January 11, 2016 | Rob Spurlock

How to Integrate HubSpot with Call Tracking


If you use call tracking as part of your marketing efforts (and you should!), then you'll want to make sure your call tracking system is fully integrated with your CRM so you can capture your call tracking leads and nurture them right along with your other inbound marketing contacts.

If you're a HubSpot customer, you can integrate your call tracking using Call Tracking Metrics. After you integrate the two systems, a new contact is created for each caller. The contact listing includes all the valuable information that can be gleaned from the call itself, including the source of the call and all the website visitor information surrounding it.

How to Integrate Call Tracking into the HubSpot CRM

To integrate HubSpot with call tracking, log into Call Tracking Metrics, choose Settings > Integrations, and click on Connect for the HubSpot integration. Then, enter in your HubID then click Connect to HubSpot.

Your call tracking account is now connected to HubSpot, and you will see several options to configure how you want the contacts to be created. By default, HubSpot will create a new contact for every call. This may not be ideal, since you could end up with duplicates in the CRM.

To prevent this, you can set parameters for contact creation based on the following options:

  • Call Duration—A call must meet a minimum number of seconds before it is added to the CRM.
  • Only Add New Callers—Only calls from a new caller are synced, regardless of whether the caller appears in HubSpot.
  • Sync Contact Data on Call Start—Contact information is added to HubSpot at the very start of the call. The record is also updated after the call is completed with information like the call duration and the audio recording. This is mostly a matter of preference; some people prefer to wait until the call ends for the information to be recorded, while others prefer for the record to be updated during the call.
  • Only Calls with Visitor Data—Callers are only added as contacts if the caller has existing visitor data. If the call has the phone number, caller ID info, audio file, and/or tracking source (Google ad, referral, etc.), then it will be added with the contact.
  • Skip Duplicate Check—As long as your HubSpot account has API access, it can check for duplicates. If it does not, then you will want to enable the "Skip Duplicate Check" option.

See? Pretty simple!

If  you have any trouble integrating HubSpot with your call tracking, let me know in the comments or get in touch with us directly.

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