August 17, 2015 | Katie Friedman

Killing It on Instagram for Your Business

Whether I’m looking for an avant-garde Halloween costume idea or my next Funko Pop!, chances are that I’m getting my inspiration from Instagram—and with good reason.

Now boasting over 2,100 posts uploaded per second, Instagram has rapidly become an exciting tool for inbound marketing.

Not only does it create a naturally awesome user experience through appealing images (think Pinterest), but it also connects users to an almost infinite number of businesses without making people feel like they’re drowning in ads.

Of course, some savvy companies have adapted more successfully than others. Here are two simple, quick, and powerful tips to compete with the best and kill it on Instagram for your business.

1. Post Exclusive Content

After mastering filters, hashtags, and analytics, you’ve probably established quite the digital following. So why not take your company’s Insta-game to a new level by publishing exclusive content?

I’ve spent a lot of time in Charleston, and over the years I’ve discovered some amazing local businesses to follow on Instagram. One of my favorite South Carolina artisans particularly excels at this form of marketing. Although her printmaking business, Perla Anne Press, is relatively small, Stacey Bradley often optimizes traffic to her Instagram page by releasing:

  • exclusive photos of her workshop
  • works-in-progress around the studio
  • images of new products and upcoming projects

And Stacey’s not alone. Larger businesses like Bon Appétit Magazine also make a point to offer sneak peeks of upcoming issues and articles—because the proof really is in the pudding (pun intended).

So while you probably shouldn’t snap that photo of your colleague snoozin’ at his desk, do reward your followers with other unique, behind-the-scenes looks at new developments in your office. This simple yet effective technique will only continue to pique interest in your company and make potential customers feel like they know you IRL.

2. Engage Your Followers

The best example of engaging followers that I’ve seen is yet another Lowcountry local business. Despite operating only one day a week, the Charleston Farmers Market never misses an opportunity to interact with its audience.

In addition to frequent and consistent posts every Saturday and responses to follower comments, the CFM Instagram also:

  • asks followers for feedback on their experience
  • reposts credited images from its followers
  • uses hashtags to find attendees’ photos and thank them for visiting

Because Instagram has 50 times the engagement rate of Facebook, this step is clearly crucial for marketing success.

While visual content ideally tells your followers about your company’s values and brand, purposeful and authentic interactions are what genuinely make your business stand out against the competition.

Just remember—Instagram thrives on creative content, and so does your company. Carry these tips in your back pocket, and you can definitely kill it for your business!

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Katie Friedman

Katie Friedman

Though Katie is no longer with VIEO, in her time as a content marketing associate she was our grammar, spelling, and punctuation queen. She used her considerable skill to write and edit blog posts, premium content offers, and much more for both VIEO and our clients.

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