June 8, 2016 | Melanie Chandler

Client Spotlight: Knoxville Dermatology Group


When we redesigned Knoxville Dermatology Group’s website last year, it was in need of a major update. It had a strong color scheme, but not much content—the home page consisted of navigation, a giant "hero image," and a feed of recent blog posts. Not much to grab visitors' attention or help them find what they're looking for!

From a marketing perspective, there were other challenges with this website redesign: calls-to-action (CTAs) were nonexistent and there was no SEO paragraph to help the site rank well in search results. Simple websites are great, but this was just too simple.


To bring life and warmth into their site, we added more color from their existing color scheme. We particularly relied on the cool blue from their logo, anticipating that such a clean and calming color would be especially appealing to people dealing with irritating skin issues

Next, we wanted to show off the aspects of Knoxville Dermatology's business that set them apart from their competitors. The fact that they have more than 40 years of experience is a powerful statement on its own. Pairing that with a picture of their beautiful building creates trust between the website visitors and the brand.

Because the old website had no calls-to-action, we needed to add a few at strategic points throughout the site to guide people to important content. One of their most important goals for the redesign was to get more customers from their website, as is the case with most businesses.

To do this, we made it easy for visitors who land on the homepage to schedule an appointment by placing a CTA in the hero section, and another in the secondary attracts further down the page.

Another issue with the old site was that the home page contained no information about who Knoxville Dermatology was or what they did. Visitors coming from Google or one of their social media accounts would have to hunt around to learn more about them, and many would just leave. 

There’s nothing worse than landing on someone’s website and thinking “Who are these people and what the heck do they do? Why did I click on this?” Adding a section with information about the company section not only answers those question, but it also dramatically improves their SEO. It’s a win-win situation!

Knoxville Dermatology Group focuses on healthy skin, and now their website communicates this. Not only does it reflect the business and what they stand for, but it's also much more functional now. Spreading the color scheme of their logo throughout the website creates a healthy vibe, and adding CTAs that guide visitors through their site to important information help address their goals of their website. 

If you're facing a redesign yourself, we'd be happy to take a look!

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Melanie Chandler

Melanie Chandler

As design director, Melanie Chandler leads the design team and works with them to create consistently compelling and engaging website designs, images for digital marketing, and other visual content to communicate corporate identity and drive traffic on websites and social media.

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