July 25, 2016 | Emily Winsauer

Knoxville, It's Time to Register for INBOUND 2016 and Win Prizes!

If you've ever thought about attending INBOUND, HubSpot's massive inbound marketing conference, now's the time to start planning! This year, it will be held on Nov. 8-11, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. 
INBOUND is jam-packed with the best inbound marketers from around the world, and has featured keynote addresses from people like Seth Godin, Martha Stewart, Malcolm Gladwell, Arianna Huffington, and Simon Sinek.
This year's lineup is growing every day, but currently includes keynotes from Alec Baldwin and Gary Vaynerchuk, spotlight speakers like the directors of Making a Murderer and Rand Fishkin, and breakout sessions from experts like VIEO BFF Nick Salvatoriello, who recently spoke at one of our #KnoxHUG meetups.
You'll have the chance to attend breakout sessions on every imaginable topic and network with people you'd never otherwise have a chance to meet. It's an invaluable experience for any inbound marketer, whether you work for an agency or a business.
Click here to watch a short video about INBOUND 2016 (it will open in a new tab):
As you may know, VIEO Design organizes Knoxville's HubSpot User Group, or HUG. If INBOUND sounds interesting to you, there's great news—if you use our HUG's unique code "HUGKnoxville", you'll get $50 off your ticket! But it doesn't end there, because we can win prizes if as few as 10 members of the Knoxville HUG register for INBOUND.

Here's the lowdown on the rewards:

  • If 10 members use our HUG's code, we all win a copy of an inbound influencer's book.
  • If 20 members use the code, we win exclusive HUG branded swag "that will make your INBOUND experience extra delightful" (ooh, exciting!)
  • The group with the most codes used gets access to reserved up-front seating during all keynotes & Inbound Rocks!
Don't forget, the code is "HUGKnoxville". Register for INBOUND here. Offer expires October 17, 2016.
If you want a little taste of INBOUND, here's my very favorite keynote of the whole bunch, from the impressive and hilarious Arianna Huffington.
For more updates on INBOUND 16, join us for our next meetup on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd from 5-8pm at The Casual Pint in Hardin Valley.
Sign Me Up for the HUG
Editor's Note: INBOUND 2016 spans election day, so if you plan to attend, be sure to take advantage of early voting!
Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

As VIEO's content director, Emily Winsauer was responsible for content strategy for VIEO and our clients for over 5 years. She recently moved to Seattle where she's still creating compelling content in her new role.

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