January 13, 2014 | Maria Talley

Is the Mobile App Jelly the New Wave of Social Interaction?

Mobile App Jelly

There is always something to get excited about in the sea of mobile apps and social media platforms!

Last Tuesday, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (@biz) released a new mobile app that allows users to post questions with a picture and share them with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

The concept is simple: if you're at the beach looking at seashells and find one you are curious to know more about, you can snap a photo and pose a question to your social networks to get more information. Users will then respond to your questions by drawing on the picture or using plain text:

Jelly Q&A

Contrary to its name, the mobile app Jelly has nothing to do with jams and sweets. Jelly's logo is a jellyfish, representing "a loose network of nerves that act as a 'brain'," Stone explains, "similar to the way we envision loosely distributed networks of people coordinating via Jelly to help each other."

Available for free on iOS and Android, Jelly combines features that are offered by the number of existing social media platforms, such as image-sharing Instagram, and Quora, which focuses solely on Q & A interactions between users. By bringing these separate functions together, Jelly presents a unique opportunity for people to help each other out by answering questions using photos, something that other social media sites aren't currently used for. Also, by tapping in to both your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, Jelly allows you to reach a large portion of your social network.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that's what adds a unique depth to the Jelly experience. Jelly not only allows you to get more information on different subjects that you're interested in and offer answers in your areas of expertise, but also lets you find out what interests your friends, networks, and target audiences have. If you ask us, the impact of Jelly on social media marketing could be huge.

What do you think about Jelly's potential? Let us know in the comments!

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Maria Talley

Maria Talley

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