February 4, 2014 | Tim Lott

Why You Need an Inbound Marketing Quarterback

For football fans, last weekend represented the Mecca of all sporting events. It's the gold standard we use to judge professional teams and their quarterbacks.

This year, we were told that we’d have the pleasure of watching a great matchup between the best offense and the best defense in the league – but it didn’t quite go as all the commentators expected.


When it came down to it, the game wasn’t decided by a great defense or a high-powered offense, but by a team that worked well together playing against a team that, unfortunately, did not.

The Importance of a Marketing QB

When we look back on football history, we tend to think about the quarterbacks who led their teams to victory. Often, a great quarterback’s career is measured by the championships he played in, and how many he helped win.

First and foremost, a quarterback is a leader. Without his team, he can’t do his job, and without him, his team can’t do their jobs either.

In their quest for a championship win, a quarterback and his team have to work as a unit, and if they don’t, even a great team of excellent players can fail.

So, what lessons does this weekend's big game offer to business owners and marketers?

When looking for a company to grow your business with an effective, strategic Inbound Marketing plan, you’re actually looking for a marketing quarterback.

You need an agency that doesn’t sit back and wait for you to tell them what to do, but takes the lead, offering data, experience, and a proven playbook to help you accomplish your goals. After all, you are paying them to grow your business!

Don’t Get Left on the Bench

Remember, there’s no “I” in team. If an agency tells you that they'll take care of things so you can of it just sit back and wait for the customers to come in - buyer, beware!

A good quarterback makes use of all of his team members and resources to build an effective playbook. Any agency that doesn’t want your input, especially at the beginning as you build a strategy together, isn’t going to be effective.

Don’t forget that you’re a key part of your marketing team, even when you hire an agency to take over the workload and build a strategy.

You may only be giving input a few times a week or month, but your input is absolutely necessary when it comes to goal setting and understanding your buyer personas, for example. Just like a great kicker, you’ll come in at key junctures and bring a specialized knowledge that your agency needs to take advantage of – think of yourself as a part of special teams!

What a Marketing QB Can Do for Your Business

So, why do you need an Inbound Marketing agency to “quarterback” your marketing efforts?

Let me give you an example.

On occasion, I hear business owners say “We post to Facebook all the time, and we don’t get much interaction” or “We blog every once in a while, but it doesn’t seem to help.” As a result, they assume that blogging or social media just won’t work for their businesses. So what’s the difference between an agency doing it and them doing it for themselves?

Strategy and experience are the difference.

I can throw a football, and I was the winner of several big Thanksgiving football games in my back yard as a kid. But there's no way that I could take on the likes of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and other greats in the league.

What’s the difference between those guys and me? Football is what they do, all day, every day. They eat, sleep, and breathe football. Great quarterbacks watch hours and hours of film to get ready for a game, studying their opponents, studying their own team’s performance, and crafting a strategy.

The same goes for an agency like VIEO Design. We eat, breathe, and sometimes sleep Inbound Marketing to help our clients grow their businesses. We study your competitors, review your past performance, help you set ambitious and achievable goals, and build a strategy to get you to where you want to be. We have a team that is built to help you succeed in your most important game – building a thriving business.

So you want the edge on your competition? It’s time to take your marketing to the championship, with a strategy and a team that can make it happen. Whoever you choose, look for a “marketing quarterback,” a company that has a winning history and a bright future with you in it!

Don't sit on the sidelines - let us know what you think in the comments!

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Tim Lott

Tim Lott

As VIEO's Sales and Marketing Manager, Tim’s integrity and desire to help others is what sets him apart. He thrives on the satisfaction of his customers, and aims to continually raise the bar for professionalism with personality. Tim’s experience in the sales industry and love for client care is a dynamic duo our clients will appreciate.

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