April 1, 2016 | Rachel Vaughn

New Mobile App by VIEO Design Turns Up the Volume on Social Media


Knoxville, Tennessee, April 1, 2016 – The social media landscape changed today as the market’s most recent application, YLNG, was made available overnight to Apple iPhone and Google Android mobile users. Pronounced “ling” (the Y is silent), this offering from VIEO Design has put online over-sharing titans, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, on notice. The result of months of work in an off-site mannequin storage warehouse, YLNG promises to alter the way its subscribers interact online and off.

>> You can keep up with real-time YLNG activity through the app's Twitter feed here. <<

“The word revolutionary is used too often and for products that usually don’t live up to the hype,” says Chief Technologist Rob Spurlock. “VIEO has always striven to be at the vanguard of social media engagement, whether it’s leveraging the latest memes or personally inviting Kanye West to all of our staff meetings. YLNG is about to put an old school twist on this new and exciting frontier.”

When asked about the secrecy surrounding the YLNG project, Spurlock answered, “Oh, we didn’t need to lock our best developer and entire design team in that haunted old building. That was just fun. It inspired great synergy, at the very least. Otherwise, they would have never seen their families again.” 

ylng-app-selfie.jpgThe voice-activated software behind YLNG was created to keep users hands free when raising double peace signs for their daily selfies, holding up unremarkable dishes of food to share with subscribers or detailing their personal thoughts at the wheel of their moving cars so as to avoid distractedly ramming into a city waste collection truck.

Location check-ins and commenting are made simple as well. Verbal commands are issued via YLNG, transcribed, then executed. Built-in security measures help to maintain relationships as YLNG times the length of any reply over a minute long. Vituperative political screeds and potentially mortifying biographical stories are then shortened by the application to a simple “LOL.” Increased volume results in a lowercase “lol” comment.

VIEO Design, an inbound marketing and web design agency, has traditionally served the website building, copywriting, content, and social media needs of businesses around the country. The shift toward application development is a recent turn inspired by a late night of tacos and mixing wine coolers by the company’s 500 employees, of which 486 are completely imaginary. 

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Rachel Vaughn

Rachel Vaughn

As a content marketer for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brings serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she writes for VIEO and our clients. In particular, she spends her time writing blog posts, website pages, workflow emails, and other marketing materials designed to engage readers and help them connect with VIEO and our clients.

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