September 17, 2014 | Rob Spurlock

New WordPress 4.0 Features in a Nutshell

New WordPress Features

On September 4, 2014, WordPress released Version 4.0, nicknamed "Benny" for jazz musician Benny Goodman (someone at WordPress is a fan).

Below are some of the most important changes based on how we use WordPress for ourselves and our clients.

My 4 Favorite New WordPress 4.0 Features:

  1. One of the biggest changes in version 4 of WordPress involves the backend experience in post and page creation and editing. Many site admins and content producers have experienced the need to constantly scroll up and down the page when adding or editing content. With WordPress 4, the page and post screen now scrolls the content box, while keeping the Edit menu bar sticky at the top of the content box in both Visual and Text mode. No more resizing your editing boxes to try to maximize your editing screen area, and no more scrolling up and down to format a heading or save your draft!
  2. You can now see embedded media directly in the content box without having to preview or publish and view. Now, you can easily check and adjust see the placement of your embedded tweet, YouTube video, etc., without all the clicking back and forth.
  3. The new default view for Media Library is a cool infinity scroll grid. This means there's no need to click to the next page, and instead you can just keep scrolling down to view more images.
  4. You can install new plugins from the WordPress Add New screen using a brand-new display. The new display shows the plugins list as grid, with thumbnails and new metrics, improved search, and a more visual browsing experience. Clicking "More Details" now displays information directly from the plugin page.


Here are a few more useful changes:

Posts and Pages

  • Added oEmbed support for TED talks, Mixcloud,, and Issuu
  • Expanded oEmbed support to include YouTube playlist URLs and Polldaddy’s short URL format
  • Removed Viddler oEmbed support
  • Updated SlideShare oEmbed regex
  • Re-added Color Picker to the Visual editor

Media Library

  • Added "Bulk Select" button to Media Grid view to delete multiple items


  • Added popup window with plugin details (displays info from plugin's directory page)
  • Added "Beta Testing" tab to Plugins screen for new features-as-plugins


  • Improved keyboard accessibility in the Add Media panel
  • Improved screen-reader support for Customizer sections
  • Made links in Help tabs keyboard-accessible
  • Improved screen-readers when managing widgets in the CustomizerInstall Process

Well, there you go! Most of the changes in WordPress 4.0 were designed to improve the user experience and make the interface more intuitive. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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Rob Spurlock

Rob Spurlock

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