October 3, 2019 | Nikki Sneed

One Last Look at INBOUND19

It’s nearly one month after INBOUND19, but we are still awed by how much we learned this year — and still working on putting all those amazing ideas into practice! 

We truly can’t get over what an amazing, inspiring experience this year’s event was. There are so many incredible sessions, meetings, opportunities, and lessons we could hardly narrow down just one favorite. 

But that’s exactly what we ask our VIEO duo to do!

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Our Overall Favorite Sessions

Mitch says:

If I were forced to pick, which I am, I’d have to say that Dan Tyre’s “Curveballs: 8 Ways Your Prospects & Customers Have Changed This Year” was my overall favorite session. There were just so many actionable takeaways! 

The pace of our industry is only growing faster, and the way customers buy is changing just as rapidly as the technology we use to sell. It’s tough to keep up. But hearing Tyre talk about those changes and the ways that we as business development reps can adjust for them was really inspiring. I’ve already started adjusting the way I pitch to keep up with the pace he talked about!

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Nikki says:

It’s a really hard choice, but as a content strategist Kelsey Raymond’s “How to Generate Revenue with Content Marketing” was probably the session in which I learned the most. The simple, straightforward way in which she shared her recipe for content success was both inspiring and validating. 

The session both gave me new ideas and also reinforced that some of the things I already do are certainly the right track to be on — which was wonderful to hear! 

Probably the most important thing I got from the session though — and why it stands out to me so strongly — is that Raymond promised an actionable, step-by-step recipe and that’s exactly what she delivered. 

She even gave us homework we could incorporate immediately — talk about impressive! 

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New product announcements from INBOUND19

Naturally, we got even more from HubSpot’s massive annual conference than simply incredible, informative sessions and amazing networking (as if those weren’t enough already). 

That’s right, I’m talking about all the great new product updates and features HubSpot announced. And there were quite a few!

For starters, free CRM users get ready to cheer because you’re getting all-new features, including free email marketing tools and a free ads tool

  • Email tools will have the added ability to create contact lists, edit designs, and send up to 2,000 emails per month. 
  • With the ads tool, you’ll be able to connect up to two ad accounts across any supported network, see which contacts are interacting with your ads, generate success reports, and so much more. 

If you aren’t already enjoying HubSpot’s free tools and want to know more about them, ask Mitch! 

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Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users you’ll now be able to enjoy publish anywhere social reports that will provide insight into your posts’ performance for 60 days regardless of which platform you used for publishing! 

And Service Hub users will love the new knowledge base content editor — complete with a related articles section. Plus, ticket automation will save time across tickets and workflows and advocacy automation and feedback reporting will allow you to automatically trigger email outreach based on survey data. 

Professional and Enterprise users don’t feel left out! You’re now able to enjoy a new de-duplication manager for contacts & companies to allow you to easily identify, find, and merge duplicate contacts. 

Coming soon… 

Marketing Starter users will soon be able to enjoy landing pages with an all-new drag-and-drop editor and form follow-up emails

Note: Marketing Starter pricing changes will begin for purchases made after Nov. 1. If you're considering Marketing Starter, now's the time to buy so you can get access to the new features at the current pricing! 

Sales Hub Professional users will also start to see new features soon, including a buy now button, e-signature, and calculated properties fields. 

Note: As above, pricing changes will apply to any purchases after Nov. 1, so if you’ve ever wanted Sales Hub Pro now’s the time to buy! 

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All or multiple HubSpot users

Last, but certainly not least, new features have been introduced for all or multiple HubSpot users! The following features are now live for all users: 

  • New & Improved App Marketplace
  • Improved Business Card Scanner on Mobile
  • Support Forms in the Conversations Inbox
  • Added Report Drill Down Options

Fortunately, the fun doesn’t stop there. HubSpot has also introduced a few new features for beta testing! 

  • New Folders in Workflows - In Beta for Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users.
  • Social Post Boosting - In Beta for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users.
  • Facebook Messenger Integration - Request to participate in the beta here!

With all these new features, we will have a lot to keep us busy for a while, but we’re so excited about all the new roll-outs and features helping us stay on top of our game! For even more information about INBOUND19’s product updates and announcements, visit HubSpot’s Spotlight page. Or, for an even better, more in-depth look at HubSpot request a demo now!

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Nikki Sneed

Nikki Sneed

As VIEO's content marketing strategist, Nikki Sneed creates content strategy for VIEO and our clients. She works with the content team to create, document, and revise creative content strategies that help clients and customers better understand each other.

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