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Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2015, Condensed!

Our-Most-Popular-Blog-Posts-from-2015.jpgOur office is taking some time off for the holidays to spend time with our friends and family, so we can hit 2016 relaxed, refreshed, and ready for more inbound marketing puns. But in true seasonal form, we’ve allowed our love of eggnog and novelty knitwear to inspire a bit of retrospection.

This was a great year not just for us at VIEO, but for social media engagement, web design, and—we assume—for Leonardo DiCaprio (apart from missing out on the Oscar, yet again). Keep your head up, Leo! Try not to weep all over the solid gold throw pillows strewn around your enormous mansion. In the meantime, you can take a short stroll down memory lane with us and check out our most popular blogs over the past year.

Whether it’s helpful tips, industry insight, or just wry commentary, each of these 10 blog posts offers something that you can implement in your business for the coming year.

#1 – How to Add More Text on Snapchat (Yes, Multiple Lines!)


Our most visited post by far in 2015, it saw 38,018 views from curious Snapchatters who needed to know about line breaks on this popular sharing platform. Use it to make your company’s social updates more interesting or to format a series of short-short (very short) stories that accompany your photos of interesting pigeons you’ve found on your daily jazzercise hikes.

#2 – Our 5 Favorite Online Subscription Services for 2015


We loved these services and think you might, too. We’re not saying you have to collect them all (they’re not Pokemon), but we are saying that one or more of these can help you to streamline your life. Make shaving to eating, and makeup to nerding out, easier. Or do it all of it at once and never leave the house again. The outside world would never truly appreciate your gourmet snacks and smooth legs anyway.

#3 – 5 Top Social Media Influencers Who Knock It Out of the Park


Revitalize your social media practices with help from these gurus of the industry. When you need a shot of inspiration or have a question about best practices, you have access to the pros right at your fingertips. Better, more effective use of your company social media accounts are just a swipe away.

#4 – Finding the Best Hashtags to Amplify Your Social Posts


While we think that a liberal application of #yolo is always in order, drowning your social posts in hashtags that don’t apply or are needlessly repetitive is rarely the way to go if you want more audience engagement. We’ve all seen posts that over-or-under tag and end up missing their mark. Learn how to boost your posts by targeting the right readers through hashtag strategy.

#5 – Why Gary Vaynerchuk Is Focusing on Instagram in 2015


Want to know what this colorful social media thought leader has to say about one of the world’s most popular sharing platforms? Find out now. Learn why it’s always smart to “market in the year you live in,” what photo quality has to do with your brand appeal, and how to harness the power of those handy filters to draw in more visual, tech-savvy customers.

#6 – 19 Words That Decrease Headline Click Through Rate


At VIEO, we have a few words we can’t stand to hear. “Moist” is one of them. Similarly, there are several words that can be fatal to your click-through rates. Learn what they are so you can avoid putting them in your headlines and accidentally alienating your audience.

#7 – Popular Web Design Features: Event Calendar for Websites


Keep your customers up to date on all your upcoming events with this handy design choice. An event calendar can be a useful tool to encourage better engagement across your site, on social media, and in person. Besides being a great web design feature, it helps to make your brand more interesting and accessible.

#8 – The Best and Worst Advice I Got as a Graphic Design Student


One of our design masters dishes on the learning process, dealing with clients, and staying sane under pressure. Everything they’ve learned, both the good and bad, has driven them to be a better creator and helped in collaborating on our new projects. Get to know more about this important facet of our work.

#9 – How to Transfer a WordPress Site to the HubSpot CMS


If you can make your content transporting, you’ll gain a wider readership and more customers. But what happens when the content itself needs to be transported? Getting your site from WordPress to HubSpot isn’t always easy and many important steps can get overlooked. We help you make the move as simple as possible.

#10 – How to Write a Services Page That Converts Visitors into Leads


Convert visitors into customers with a well-written, well-structured services page. Find out how to display your expertise best, use formatting to your advantage, and lead readers naturally to a CTA. By implementing a few helpful tips, you might find your conversion rates improving.

Happy Holidays from all of us at VIEO. We’re delighted to have accomplished so much in 2015 and are excited to do even more in 2016. Stay tuned for our newly revamped website. We wish you joy, success, great inbound marketing strategies, beautiful web design, and more #yolo in the new year.

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Rachel Vaughn

Rachel Vaughn

As a content marketer for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brings serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she writes for VIEO and our clients. In particular, she spends her time writing blog posts, website pages, workflow emails, and other marketing materials designed to engage readers and help them connect with VIEO and our clients.

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