January 6, 2014 | Kathi Browne

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google+

Google+ opened its virtual doors to the public a little over two years ago, and it has already grown larger than all its competition except for Facebook, based on active user count. With over 540 million active users, businesses can no longer afford to ignore this social giant. And why would they want to, with all that Google+ has to offer? Here are 5 reasons your business should use Google+:

5 Reasons Businesses Should Use Google+

Reason #1: Search Engine Ranking

Gone are the days of well-placed keywords and meta tags as a means to higher ranking on a particular topic. Google recently implemented a more intelligent approach to ranking search results, placing emphasis on the intention of a search and related article engagement rather than on the words themselves. This approach is referred to as the hummingbird algorithm.

Since Google+ makes social engagement so easy for businesses, sharing on Google+ means your content is more likely to receive engagement there. Generating more engagement means becoming more visible in search results.

Reason #2: YouTube Integration

YouTube and Google+ are both owned by Google, so it shouldn't be surprising that these two platforms play well together. Because of this, people who are not yet on Google+ can still watch videos that originated inside Google+. How? Hangout on Air videos reside on YouTube, and can be embedded or shared on numerous platforms outside of Google+. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Videos are a source of continuous engagement, so building a library of videos is smart business!

Reason #3: Selective Visibility

Google+ connections are placed into circles, which are similar to mailing lists. Any content you post can then be limited to certain circles or shared with everyone. You can also selectively view posts by individual circles. In this way, Google+ circles offer targeted messaging AND market monitoring.

Reason #4: Solid Brand Presence

Google+ provides businesses with a variety of ways to build their brands, and all of these ways tie into each other. For example, Google Places and Google+ Local Business Pages establish who and where you are as a business. Google+ Communities provide a powerful channel for engagement to show what your business is about and why you do what you do. Google+ Events generate Google calendar reminders, so people don't miss something you have planned.

Reason #5: Content Ownership

Everyone likes to get credit for what they do, and now thanks to Google authorship (rel=author), you can get the credit you're due. When you claim authorship of a blog post that originated from you, your Google+ profile information appears next to search results containing your content.

These are just a few reasons that you should make Google+ an important part of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

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Kathi Browne

Kathi Browne

Kathi Browne specializes in human and social media in healthcare and works in partnership with VIEO Design. As a VIEO guest blogger, Kathi shares her knowledge of rising social platforms and innovative approaches to social engagement.

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