August 19, 2014 | Rob Spurlock

Why We’re Rebuilding Our Website in the HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS to Rebuild Your Website

Don’t get me wrong … we love our WordPress blog. It has all the cool plugins we need to make our website pop and sizzle.

But eventually, the pop and sizzle fades and you have to look at what remains - a platform to draw visitors in and filter out those looking for what you have to offer (ultimately, sales leads). You have to ask yourself, “My website is cool, but is it getting me customers?”

We began using HubSpot some time ago (we are a HubSpot GOLD Certified Agency Partner) and integrated it with our WordPress site, but only used the HubSpot tools (for SEO, social media, lead management, landing pages, calls to action, marketing automation, email automation, and CRM sync) and not the HubSpot CMS (formerly called COS, or Content Optimization System).

Now that we've seen how well all of the different HubSpot tools integrate with the HubSpot Content Management System, we know it’s time to take full advantage of what this powerful content marketing tool has to offer.

Our key reasons for switching to the HubSpot CMS are:

  • It makes SEO easy. HubSpot includes great SEO tools built right in to the content creation platform, and it even makes SEO suggestions while you create.
  • It's better at converting visitors into leads. Content marketing is the process of building compelling and focused content that guides potential clients down the sales funnel, almost as if it were on auto-pilot. In our experience, there's no better platform for content marketing than HubSpot.
  • You can create customized "smart" content. With more visitors that match your buyer personas (your ideal clients), you have the ability to auto-magically display content on your site to suit the individual visitor, based on criteria like how they found you and the info they provided through forms.

Not only does this CMS help you to convert leads, it helps you to find them to begin with. According to HubSpot, “Last year, businesses that used HubSpot saw their traffic increase by more than 25 times.” That sounds about right to us - this CMS makes it so much easier to follow inbound marketing best practices, so it's kind of hard not to see an increase.

5 Ways HubSpot Is Different:

  • Easy blogging with blog post blueprints
  • Blog post optimization with built-in SEO
  • Responsive framework to work on all platforms
  • Easy to create and add Calls-To-Action (CTAs)
  • Integrated analytics across all platforms

Now, I’m not evangelizing here. You don't need to run out and move from a free CMS like WordPress to the paid HubSpot CMS for your website and blog, but WE need to make the move to get the most out of our website.

HubSpot has become a big part of how we do business, and we want to squeeze every drop of benefit out the software. Do you want to learn how to create innovative, effective content marketing campaigns that build positive, dynamic relationships with prospective customers?

Try downloading our Free Ebook: How To Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign by clicking the link below to see the Inbound Marketing Methodology in action!

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Rob Spurlock

Rob Spurlock

Principal and Founder of VIEO Design™, LLC. Rob has a love for the East TN community. Server environment, web functionality and WordPress expert. He has extensive expertise in the Internet industry and related Internet software with over 15 years experience.

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