October 31, 2013 | Mac Bartine

SEO Is Undead

SEO is undead

If I had a dollar for every time in the last 3 years that someone claimed “SEO is dead,” I would have some serious cabbage!

Ah, well, I suppose that’s not to be. But you can bet dollars to donuts that if SEO ever was dead, it’s undead now, and it's hungry for the brains (or at least lots of brain cycles) of people who are trying to figure out what undead SEO means for their businesses.

Here’s the good news: the fact that SEO is undead means if you know what you’re doing, your business can still flourish from the additional traffic that correctly-done SEO brings to your website.

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Here’s the bad news: These days, Google algorithm updates are almost as common as politicians who act as though their brains have been eaten. What am I saying? Nothing but air and dirt is that common! Regardless, a whole lot of misinformation is out there regarding what you should and shouldn’t do to please Google and the other search engines, and it’s very easy to screw the pooch with your SEO efforts.

And here’s where the really bad news comes in: if you are doing SEO badly, it will become undead on you, and eat your website traffic in a way that’s much more frightening and impactful than the scariest episode of The Walking Dead.

Are you scared yet? You should be! If you aren’t concerned about whether what you’re doing as you tra-la-la through SEO zombie land follows up-to-date, Google-recommended practices…well, just like the oblivious horror movie couple that sneaks off into the scary boathouse to get their jollies, you’ll get what's coming to you.

Now that you’re good and scared of the undead SEO monster, here’s your golden ray of sunshine at the end of the zombie-infested tunnel. There is an antidote.

In truth, we’re not in the “SEO is dead” age, we’re in the “SEO is finally truly alive and working as it should” age. And here’s all you need to know to make it work for you:

  1. Know your customers.
  2. Create great content for your customers.
  3. Share your content with your customers.
  4. Offer them calls to action to engage them.
  5. Stay in touch.

This undead SEO antidote is called inbound marketing, and it truly works. VIEO Design is a perfect example of that. The only marketing we do is inbound marketing, and we are killing our competition. Mwa-hahahahahah!

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Mac Bartine

Mac Bartine

As one of VIEO Design’s four owners, Mac Bartine served as our COO and web strategist until July 2014. Today, he advises VIEO as a partner and uses his considerable skill as a digital strategist in his positions as CEO of several startups.

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