June 18, 2014 | Mac Bartine

SEO Tips from Warren Buffett, Part 2: Reward Your Audience

SEO Tips from Warren Buffett, Part 2

Last week, we started a new series of SEO tips drawn from the quotes of Warren Buffett, the most successful investor of his generation (You can read the first post here).

Today’s SEO tip is actually based on something said by Buffett’s vice chairman, and here at VIEO we agree wholeheartedly: you get what you reward for.

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TIP #2: Remember that people want rewards for consuming your content, and for paying attention to what you have to say.

Charles Munger QuoteIt’s incredibly important to give your website visitors, viewers, or readers generous rewards in return for their time and attention, but it's equally important to only reward people for doing what works for your business model.

In SEO terms, you can generously reward people for genuinely sharing or interacting with your content. This will result in more sharing and interacting, which increase your external links and social proof.

Choose your rewards carefully, though. Don’t start a system of rewards that you can’t afford to maintain, or worse, that won’t drive your desired results.

For example, you might want to offer people who share your content a free consultation, an ebook exclusively for them, early access to a sale item, or a discount on their first service or product from your company.

Here are a few quick tips on creating your system of rewards:

  • First, decide what the most desirable actions are that your website visitors can take, and create compelling calls to action to attract visitors to take those actions.
  • Second, determine what you can offer people to encourage them to take you up on your calls to action. Keep in mind where your visitors will be in your sales funnel when they see the call to action, and make sure you’re keeping your buyer personas in mind, too.
  • Third, if possible, automate delivery of your rewards so your visitors don’t have to wait for their goodies (and so you don’t have to physically take action every time something good happens). There are several great marketing automation products out there that can help you to achieve this, but HubSpot is our favorite – we’re even HubSpot Gold Partners (Click here to learn more about what HubSpot is and how it works). One important caveat - you should also be personally engaging with people who share your contents on social networks, but that doesn't mean they should have to wait for promised rewards.

SEO Reminder
: You have very good reason to put this much thought and effort into rewarding visitors who share and interact with your content. Driving shares and engagement produces some of the best SEO ranking factors available to you as a business owner.

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Mac Bartine

Mac Bartine

As one of VIEO Design’s four owners, Mac Bartine served as our COO and web strategist until July 2014. Today, he advises VIEO as a partner and uses his considerable skill as a digital strategist in his positions as CEO of several startups.

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