June 25, 2014 | Mac Bartine

SEO Tips from Warren Buffett, Part 3: Empower Your Team

Warren Buffett SEO Tips

Today’s Warren Buffett-inspired SEO tip by illustrates one of the investor’s biggest strengths—he knows how to build a great team and rely on the people around him.

Unlike many CEO types, Buffett is more interested in results than ego, which is an important element in his success.

If you want to see the best possible results in your SEO efforts, you’ll have to focus on the data and let your team shine.

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TIP #3: “Yes Men” don’t help your business succeed – smart, empowered team members do.

Warren Buffett QuoteIf you’re the owner or manager in charge of SEO, make sure the employees working on your SEO know that you’re interested in having them being right; which is to say, you’re not interested in having them tell you that you’re right.

Any good SEO should be based on solid research, testing, and the track record of previous SEO efforts. Leave your opinions at the door, and let the numbers drive the ship.

Ask yourself: am I creating a culture that encourages employees to give me the facts and suggest solutions? Or, am I creating a culture that makes people afraid to tell me I’m wrong?

Here are a few things you can do to show your employees that you care more about results than about who came up with the idea:

  1. If you have an SEO plan that you handed down to employees to implement, ask them for feedback. How’s it going? Do they have any concerns about the direction they’re taking?
  2. Make sure you have a feedback loop in place. This involves you having benchmarks that show where you were in regard to traffic and rankings for keywords before starting your SEO plan, and regular reports that analyze how your SEO plan is working.
  3. Set firm meeting times for reviewing SEO results on a regular basis. This forces you to look at what’s happening, ask what’s wrong, and explore what can be done to improve current SEO efforts.

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Mac Bartine

Mac Bartine

As one of VIEO Design’s four owners, Mac Bartine served as our COO and web strategist until July 2014. Today, he advises VIEO as a partner and uses his considerable skill as a digital strategist in his positions as CEO of several startups.

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