July 8, 2014 | Mac Bartine

SEO Tips from Warren Buffett, Part 5: Tactic Not Working? Move On

Warren Buffett SEO Tips #5

As your marketing hub, your website is essential to your success, bringing in business and serving an important role in customer service.

It’s understandable, then, that the stakes are high when it comes to SEO on business websites. You dedicate lots of resources to implementing SEO tactics that are supposed to bring in more traffic and attract your ideal customers. So what do you do if they’re not working?

The first step is to determine whether results are simply slow in coming, or whether you were following the wrong strategy to begin with.

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And that brings us to the next in our list of SEO tips inspired by Warren Buffett:

TIP #5: Don’t stick with bad decisions just for the sake of appearing or feeling consistent.

Warren Buffett SEO Tips Quote #5If you’re paying for an expensive SEO service, or you’re headlong into a major internal SEO initiative, and you see something going wrong, STOP!

If your SEO guru turns out to be a fraud, or you aren’t hearing from him on a regular basis with updates on what’s being done and how it’s working, kick his butt out the door now. Not later.

Wise people take ownership of mistakes right away and fix them. Fools stick with bad decisions to avoid looking foolish by admitting the mistake. If you made a mistake, fix it, and lead your company to even greater success.

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Mac Bartine

Mac Bartine

As one of VIEO Design’s four owners, Mac Bartine served as our COO and web strategist until July 2014. Today, he advises VIEO as a partner and uses his considerable skill as a digital strategist in his positions as CEO of several startups.

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