September 6, 2019 | Nikki Sneed

That’s a Wrap! VIEO closes out the final day of #INBOUND19

Another INBOUND gone, but certainly never forgotten! Our intrepid VIEO-ians will always have their memories and the incredible lessons they learned from #INBOUND19!

We know you are wondering — what does the last day of a content marketing conference look like? How can they possibly wrap up a full week of impactful events, inspiring educational sessions, and limitless networking opportunities? 

Well, we are here to assure you, #INBOUND19 did not disappoint — it finished just as strongly as it began! And so did our VIEO duo. And here’s what that looked like: 

INBOUND19 Welcoming Chip & Joanna Gaines

#INBOUND19 Final Day Sessions

“Effective B2B Video Marketing Across the (Flywheel-ized) Funnel”

Speaker: Jennifer Montague, Head of Growth, TwentyThree 

Takeaways: “Video is the future of marketing” — we’ve been hearing that for, let’s face it, years. But creating video content quickly, easily (and cheaply) that engages across all the flywheel-ized funnel stages still remains a challenge for many B2B Businesses. Here’s why video is a must-have: 

  • Approximately 79% of consumers buy something after seeing a video
  • Social video gives you 12x more data than a still image
  • Video is versatile — you can use it all across the Flywheel

Ideas for each stage: 

  • Attract — Social video
  • Engage — Homepage videos, webinars, guides, how-tos
  • Delight — Tutorials
“Here’s Why You’re Not Making Money with LinkedIn”

Speaker: Quentin Allums, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Misfit Ventures

Takeaways: Why aren’t you monetizing and generating leads through your LinkedIn? What are the common mistakes you should watch out for? Here are the top 3 things creatives, entrepreneurs, students, professionals, and more should watch out for to better leverage the platform. 

  • Clarity — When someone lands on your profile they should have a reason to follow you. They should immediately know your niche, your value proposition, your story, and what you are selling. 
  • Content — Each piece of content you publish or promote should bring value. Remember to make every piece educational, inspiring, and entertaining. 
  • Form — Long-form articles tend to perform better on LinkedIn for a number of reasons. They have increased longevity and character limits, it’s easier to include links and CTAs in them, and they’re more likely to rank on Google. 
INBOUND19's HubSpot Grow Better Meeting Spot“Social Media Marketing in 2019: What's Changed, and Why Your 2016 Playbook Is Broken”

Speaker: Isabela Carvalho, Channel Consultant, HubSpot

Takeaways: You're producing content and regularly sharing everything on social media, but your engagement is down. The network's new algorithms don't help, and you start thinking, "Social media is old news, I'm not putting more effort into this." Well, the truth is, social media isn't played out, the playbook you've been using since 2016 is. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to stay ahead: 

  • Learn stories about what other companies are doing to differentiate themselves, using AI, Omnichannel strategies, etc., and use it to inspire your strategy
  • Look at what social media strategies looked like 5 years ago, and compare them to yours — have yours become outdated? 
  • Messaging, voice search, and more — current and future trends and how you are engaging with them will dictate how your clients interact with your posts 
“How to Build Brand Credibility: Using Content to Establish Authority”

Speaker: Carolyn Kylstra, Editor-In-Chief, SELF

This session was all about how a brand can create and share content, whether through social media, a newsletter, or how they package their site to create brand authority and trust in a time when people are highly skeptical.

  • Why is it critical to have brand credibility — because these are the most untrusting times we’ve ever had as a society. People rely more than ever on your brand’s credibility to tell them if they should risk trusting you. And people are very skeptical, more so than ever, so believe me they will check on all your outlets, your responsiveness, your packaging. Everything comes in to play to build your credibility, but the smallest things can tear it right down and ruin it all. 
  • How do brands of all kinds can tap into content to create trust and authority — any brand can use their credibility to build trust and authority, even the smallest companies. Your voice, packaging, blog, partners, everything builds your credibility and therefore, builds your trust as a company. 
  • What is compelling content — compelling content is one of the fastest ways to maintain your company’s credibility, compelling content draws in clients and persuades them to interact with your brand and become brand advocates. There’s no faster way to build credibility than by having enthusiastic advocates!
“The Customer Revolution—What Empowered Customers Want, How to Build Your Flywheel Around Them, and Why They Are the New Secret to Growth”

Speaker: Marcus Andrews, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Service Hub, HubSpot

Customers today are smarter, technically savvy, and expect things immediately. If you want to win them and keep them you’ll have to fight any friction they feel with your company. When you win the battle versus friction, you create happy customers, and happy customers are the best marketing money can buy. 

  • Going customer-first will give you a competitive advantage
  • Use data to stay ahead of the curve and truly help customers
  • Consistently turn customer success into 10x growth through customer advocacy

INBOUND19 Conference Floor

Saying goodbye to Boston and #INBOUND19

Sessions completed, all meetings wrapped up the VIEO team took one last tour of the inspirational conference floor. 


And signed the INBOUND wall. Can you find us? 

The INBOUND19 Wall of Attendees

Maybe a closer view. We’re right inside the 9!


After soaking up the last bit of goodness from this year’s event, the team decided to soak up some history — and say goodbye to Boston properly! 

A Windy Selfie With Sam Adams

Like taking a windy selfie with Mr. Sam Adams! Or sharing a cannoli with the Paul we revere the most — right after our very own, Paul Gibson, of course!

Sharing a Cannoli With Our Second Favorite Paul (Right After VIEOs Own Paul Gibson, Of Course!)

Not to mention seeing his historic home... 

The Paul Revere House

And, finally, sharing a pint to toast such a wonderful week. Farewell, INBOUND! We already can’t wait to see what happens next year!

Sharing a Pint to Toast a Wonderful Week

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Interested in learning even more about HubSpot and INBOUND? Schedule a meeting with Mitch now — he'd love to share even more about what HubSpot's incredible software can do for your company!

Nikki Sneed

Nikki Sneed

As VIEO's content marketing strategist, Nikki Sneed creates content strategy for VIEO and our clients. She works with the content team to create, document, and revise creative content strategies that help clients and customers better understand each other.

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