January 19, 2017 | Rachel Vaughn

The 6 Best Podcasts for Marketing Directors

Much like the rippling surface of a multilayered JELLO tower at the center of an elaborate 1970s wedding buffet, the inbound marketing landscape can shift, tilt, and wobble in unexpected ways.

As a marketing director, new developments and trends in the industry can throw you—reducing opportunities for growth and increased ROI—if you aren’t prepared for them. In the case of a precariously balanced gelatin monstrosity, a well-balanced spatula and the moral support of experienced vintage food aficionados can help. But one of the surest ways to build agile, successful marketing strategies is to be informed. Luckily, podcasts are an excellent way to stay up to date on breaking developments, trends, and evolving techniques.

A multi-colored layered JELLO tower, topped with olives. It's a terrible metaphor for marketing.
Pictured: JELLO as a metaphor for marketing

Gif of a young girl trembling while holding a spoonful of green JELLO.
You, trying (and failing) to conquer the above metaphor with dignity and poise

You may not always have time to watch educational videos from leading industry resources (for the record, we recommend both HubSpot and Moz), but you probably have at least a few minutes free during commutes, weekday breaks, workouts, and the occasional weekend afternoon to get in a bit of leisurely listening. Rather than jamming out to your well-loved playlist of Beyoncé hits, you could enjoy some of the six best podcasts for marketing directors instead.

There are a slew of options available, but we've listed ones that we think will provide great, in-depth resources for marketing directors and your inbound marketing team members—including designers, content writers, and sales.

Gif of a boy wearing headphones, dancing on his own in a cafeteria. He may or may not be listening to a podcast.
You don't have to do the dance, but it can't hurt.

Now pop on your Beats by Dre (or rose gold Hello Kitty sparkle ear buds, we’re not judging) and click your way to our picks below:

1. Marketing Over Coffee ☕️

Cheesy intro music aside, once you exit the auditory version of a corporate elevator, you’ll get the latest news week by week, along with reviews and topics of interest. Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn interview well-known authors, executives, and other industry leaders. A look through their most popular episodes will give you an idea of the wealth of knowledge you can put to use for your company.

2. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour 🍹

You don’t have to give up your entire afternoon, or even an entire car ride, for a dose of insider know-how. Each short episode is only 15 minutes on average with a fun, casual vibe. That makes them perfect for quick drives to the pet masseuse for your iguana's weekly shiatsu appointment. Get tips and advice on how to leverage social media marketing on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

3. TEDTalks Marketing 📊

While not technically a podcast, the videos in TED’s marketing playlist offer new ways to think about marketing and how to approach common issues in more creative, thoughtful ways. TED is known for hosting speakers that offer fresh and interesting takes (most clocking in under 20 minutes) on the confluence of data, science, business, and art. You might find yourself inspired to look at your work as a creative leader differently.

4. Marketing Smarts 👓

Spending 30 minutes each day with the MarketingProfs (hosts of this popular podcast) and their guests will leave you inspired to create more optimized marketing and customer engagement. The variety of viewpoints and breadth of experience from experts across numerous industries will help you bring new perspective to your work as a marketing director.

5. StartUp 🚀

Growing a new business can be a strange and confusing undertaking, especially if you didn’t intend to start a bakery that caters solely to nearby Renaissance fairs. But with the right assistance, you can take steps to make it easier. The StartUp podcast is targeted toward company leaders who want to foster better practices, strategies, and tactics to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

6. Six Pixels of Separation 🎯

Mitch Joel, president of Mirum, hosts hour-long episodes covering an extraordinary variety of topics, at high and low levels. Explore his thoughts on the intersections affecting design, advertising, and entrepreneurship, along with current issues affecting the marketing world. An archive spanning back ten years guarantees you won’t run out of thought fodder for your morning drives and long flights.

Bonus Round: #AskGaryVee 🗣

A treasure trove of useful info and discussion of leading trends, this YouTube channel is also not technically a podcast, but the format suits Gary Vaynerchuk’s dynamic, rapid fire presentation style just fine. Get answers to your most pressing questions on branding, creating influence, and hitting the right stride in your social media marketing.

Go Forth and Market

Now that you’ve got marketing's digital equivalent of the Library of Alexandria (minus the tragic destruction) at your fingertips, you'll find no shortage of ideas, strategies, and goals to pursue. With the information and insight you gain from these podcasts for marketing directors, the landscape can suddenly feel more steady and a lot less like a meal option for recovering appendectomy patients. You might even consider starting a podcast of your own.

Podcasts aren't the only resources that can help to make you a better marketing director. Get organized with our Inbound Marketing Ebook.

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