September 6, 2019 | Nikki Sneed

The VIEO Experience at INBOUND 2019: Day 2

Our intrepid VIEO-ians are back in Boston for another day full of educational sessions, industry leader inspiration, explosive events, and unlimited networking. Here’s what the second day of INBOUND 2019 looked like for our duo!

With so many sessions and so little time, Business Development Manager Mitch Transue and Content Marketing Strategist Nikki Sneed decided to divide and conquer… and still only gained a fraction of the knowledge available from this year’s 250+ speakers! (We clearly need more people for next year — or just to perfect cloning… 🤔)


We couldn’t be more excited about the incredible sessions we did make it to, and we can’t wait to share everything we learned with you!

Mitch’s Favorite Sessions

“5 Principles of Insanely Effective Sales Conversations”

Speaker: Chris Orlob, Senior Director of Product Marketing,

Takeaways: Product differentiation is dead. For your buyers, seeing the differences between products is like telling the difference between twins. To you, the differences are obvious. But not to them.

And when your buyer can’t clearly see those differences, they turn to specs —  it’s the only way left for them to tell. 

What do you think happens to the selling process then? The “winner” of this spec war is the vendor that erodes their pricing model first.

“A Marketer's Guide to Sales Hub: How to Empower Your Sales Team to Support Your Marketing Campaigns”

Speaker: Flora Wang, Product Manager, HubSpot

Takeaways: Marketers put in a ton of work to help attract new leads — but are they closing those deals, or is the sales team? This session was all about the power of aligning your sales and marketing goals, and how to use HubSpot Sales Hub to do just that! What are some key ways to start implementing that alignment, you ask? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Make sure the sales and marketing team are in constant communication over goals and expectations. 
  2. Have marketers ask sales which pieces of content are the most valuable for the sales process, and make sure that sales use the content from marketing!
  3. Open up the conversation — create a process for sales teams to offer feedback on marketing campaigns and have marketing listen in to occasional sales calls. 
“Curveballs: 8 Ways Your Prospects & Customers Have Changed This Year”

Speaker: Dan Tyre, Director, HubSpot

Takeaways: The pace of 2019 is rapid-fire, ever-changing, always on-the-go. Your customers are different today. Prospects no longer want to follow a well-defined education and buying process. They are on a full-tilt, all-out, freemium happy buyers journey today — and you need to prepare. Expectations are higher, being responsive is more important than ever, and turning down certain types of business is actually in your best interest — and that’s just for starters! Here are just a few of the ways your customers and prospects have changed: 

  1. The Segment of One — Everyone is a little bit different, and that means each customer is special. Making assumptions about who, how, what, and why can lead to huge interaction problems and an inability to build trust. 
  2. Be Proactive — People don’t want to hear from you until they do. Rise like a genie from the keyboard and reach out to them as soon as they are ready. Define the process right away and make sure they know that you want to understand what’s important to them.
  3. Just Say No — In 2019, you are responsible for everything. As the informed resource you are responsible for understanding needs, product recommendations, additional services, and success. If something doesn’t work, it’s your fault — that’s a lot of pressure! So it’s okay to say no, to specialize, to turn down something that doesn’t make sense. Remember: “Riches are in the niches.”


Nikki’s Favorite Sessions

“Can You Succeed in SEO with Your B2B Company? What Will It Take?”

Speaker: Dominic Woodman, Senior Consultant, Distilled

Takeaways: B2B and SEO don’t always seem to fit so well together. Sales processes are longer, decisions are made by multiple people with different priorities, and the route from search to success isn’t quite so obvious... but that all just makes the challenge more fun!

The real question is, how can everyone succeed in search? Is there a play outside of just writing guides on your topic? Should your site structure be wildly different from a B2C site? Yes — to both questions! Here’s what you need to know about your B2B SEO: 

  • Understand how the nature of your business will change search. 
  • Unless you are already well established, don’t start with home and product pages. They’re the end, not the beginning. 
  • You need to match your content to the SERP intent and write for the whole SERP. 
  • Find your edge for your content — whether it’s an opinion, data, or something else. 
  • Make sure that the right company has a good experience. 
  • Get better engagement metrics than the default ones. 
  • Enrich your anonymous data to discover the companies on your website. 
“How to Generate Revenue with Content Marketing”

Speaker: Kelsey Raymond, Co-founder and CEO, Influence & Co. 

One of the biggest concerns most marketers have today regarding their content marketing efforts is ensuring they’re creating revenue for their company. In other words, how do we justify all the ROI of all that content BS to the boss? Understandable — and common — question, but this session has broken it down into a step-by-step, actionable recipe for powerful results. 

  • Always start with a documented content marketing strategy.
  • Make sure you have the top 5 most powerful types of content: guest-contributed articles, press mentions, on-site content, gated content, and email marketing. 
  • Use a tried-and-true process of Ideation, Knowledge Sharing, Writing/Creating, Editing, Distributing, and then Analyzing Results. 
  • Know exactly which pieces fit into each stage of the buyer’s journey and how they are working for you. 
  • Ensure that marketing and sales are connected. It is vital to use content in the sales process to nurture leads and close deals — but in order to accomplish this, marketing and sales have to be aligned. 
“Don’t Just Create Content, Create Experiences!”

Speaker: Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer, Winning Customer Experience LLC

Blog posts are nice. Videos are great. Webinars rock. But your prospects and customers are being bombarded with so much content. If you really want to acquire more customers and keep the ones you have, you need to provide them with remarkable experiences. If you want to create an experience that is memorable and influential, your content must be WISER. 

  • Witty
  • Immersive
  • Sharable
  • Extraordinary
  • Responsive

The only way to create an experience that really envelopes your clients and transforms them into advocates for your brand is to make them smile with your cleverness, immerse them in the brand, give them a reason to share it, and make it extraordinary. And most importantly, always be responsive to those who do engage — positively or negatively!

Wrapping Up INBOUND 2019 Day 2

After such an amazing day packed with learning from powerful speakers, our intrepid team needed to unwind — and found the most Boston way to do just that. That’s right, VIEO took over Fenway Park for an incredible Red Sox game! Fenway is beautiful, the sky looked gorgeous, and the Red Sox won — a perfect ending to a perfect day. 


But of course, we will be right back at it bright and early tomorrow with even more sessions. And we’ll be coming at you again with even more tips, tricks, and hacks that we pick up as we wrap up INBOUND 2019 tomorrow! Or, if you missed out on our Day 1 experience — read it now!

Interested in learning even more about HubSpot and INBOUND? Schedule a meeting with Mitch now — he'd love to share even more about what HubSpot's incredible software can do for your company!

Nikki Sneed

Nikki Sneed

As VIEO's content marketing strategist, Nikki Sneed creates content strategy for VIEO and our clients. She works with the content team to create, document, and revise creative content strategies that help clients and customers better understand each other.

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