April 21, 2010 | Paul Gibson

Tweet Your Way to Better SEO

Twitter Home Page

Ah, Twitter. How do I love thee? Well, I definitely love how you help my search engine optimization!

You may be thinking "How is Twitter going to help my website?". Well first, it is important to be specific here. I'm talking exclusively about SEO. So lets forget the fact that Twitter can drive traffic to your site (which it certainly can, of course), or about how great a method it is for connecting with potential clients. Those things are great - but there is another way to use Twitter to help out your web presence.

Your tweets are free content! If you are already spending the time to tweet about business related content, why not make the most of it? Enter the Twitter Feed! A Twitter feed extension grabs your latest tweets and publishes them on your web page - all automatically. Because your tweets appear right on the page, their content is spidered along with the rest of your site. It's like making micro site updates without ever having to lift a finger.

We offer installation and customization of a Twitter Feed as an option in our website packages, or as an additional add on later.

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Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson

As the leader of our design team, VIEO Design principal and founder Paul Gibson oversees our designers and developers as they create marketing-optimized websites, digital graphics, and print materials. Paul also oversees VIEO's 3D printing division. To date, his most impressive project has been a replacement head for an old My Little Pony. He went with Yoda.

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