August 16, 2012 | Mac Bartine

Using Ethical Influence in Your Work


If you're not using ethical influence in your work, you should be. And the good news is - there's a great resource out there to help you learn.

We've been very fortunate in the recent months - especially in terms of the clients we've been able to serve. One web design client who we'd like to highlight and recommend to you today is INFLUENCE AT WORK, the leading corporate authority on the application of ethical influence to improve your business prospects.

We won't go into all the details regarding what the ethical influence principles are, because they can say it much better than we can! Instead, we'll just mention 3 of our favorite tidbits about our friends and clients at INFLUENCE AT WORK.

  1. The book Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini, founder of INFLUENCE AT WORK, is a staple of modern influence study. If you believe influencing others in an ethical manner can help you, and you don't own this book, you're holding yourself back.
  2. In one of the coolest marketing moves we've ever seen, IAW turned Influence into a graphic novel! Awesome!
  3. And last but not least, the Team at INFLUENCE AT WORK truly do walk the talk. You couldn't meet or work with a better group of professionals anywhere.

So here's a big thank you to INFLUENCE AT WORK for being an exciting and educational client with which to work.

Learn more at

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Mac Bartine

Mac Bartine

As one of VIEO Design’s four owners, Mac Bartine served as our COO and web strategist until July 2014. Today, he advises VIEO as a partner and uses his considerable skill as a digital strategist in his positions as CEO of several startups.

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