February 24, 2014 | Maria Talley

Using the Hubspot Social Inbox for Increased Social Engagement

Hubspot Social Inbox for Increased Social Engagement

As an Internet Marketing Manager, I spend a lot of time sharing tons of content on social media. I used to struggle to remember login information for all of my clients’ social media accounts.

Each time I had something to say to the audience, I had to log in manually and create posts in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social platforms. By the time I would get to the actual posting, I had often lost my train of thought and forgot what I was going to say. Sound familiar, anyone?

My work life completely changed the day I introduced myself to the HubSpot Social Inbox.

Social Inbox is an extremely intelligent and sophisticated social media tool that plugs in your contacts database and merges it with your social media interactions. Not only can you publish to your social media accounts, but you can monitor interactions with anyone in your contacts database and review the analytics for your social engagement.

This video describes what Social Inbox has to offer, so you can connect more easily with your buyer personas and increase your brand’s social engagement.

Furthermore, Social Inbox allows you to receive custom notifications when your customer or a qualified lead who is in your contacts database mentions your company on Twitter. You can track that person’s information in your HubSpot account and use it to respond to their tweet and track your interactions over time. Additionally, you can enroll that person in a workflow to send them hyper-targeted interest-based emails.

Finally, you can set up your Social Inbox to send you alerts and push notifications when one of your leads mentions your competitor on Twitter. You can respond right away, for example with a link to a blog article that demonstrates the value your company can offer the client compared to your competitor.

Combined with your ability to view other interactions in HubSpot, like which ebook a contact has downloaded and which emails that person has opened, Social Inbox lets you cultivate real relationships with your customers, leads, and contacts more efficiently.

That way, you don’t have to guess the value of your social reach and interactions – you can see it over the lifecycle of the contact.

As a marketer, Social Inbox helps me keep my company's and our clients' social media interactions personal and genuine, which is the best way to increase meaningful social engagement.

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Maria Talley

Maria Talley

Maria Chueva Talley is a long-time friend of VIEO and guest contributor to our blog. She was VIEO's Internet Marketing Manager for several years, and has recently moved on new internet and marketing adventures.

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