May 2, 2013 | Emily Winsauer

Who Makes Better Fonts, Dogs or Cats?

Here at VIEO, we find ourselves arguing pretty regularly about the important issue of cats versus dogs.

Mac, Maria, and Emily are strongly dog people, and Paul and Melanie are passionate cat supporters. Everybody has an opinion, but there’s no way to win. Until now!

As a design and marketing firm, we love innovative visual approaches, and so we’ve decided to put the question to you in this way –

Who makes better font mascots, cats or dogs?

The post “If cats were fonts.” was originally published on I Waste So Much Time, and takes a humorous approach to the idea (appropriate, given the subject matter).

In response, Vienna-based studio Grafisches Büro created elegant designs of Dogs as Fonts that was featured recently on Design Taxi.

Judge for yourself:

Dogs as Fonts Cats as Fonts

Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

As VIEO's content director, Emily Winsauer was responsible for content strategy for VIEO and our clients for over 5 years. She recently moved to Seattle where she's still creating compelling content in her new role.

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